[Download] Facebook App version compatible with the MT6592 octacore chipset

Many users have reported to us the problems of continuous crash of the Facebook App on various devices equipped with the new octacore chipset from Mediatek MT6592. These crashes unfortunately make the App unusable. The solution, pending a future update of the App finally compatible, is the installation of a previous version.

Download the Facebook App compatible with the octacore MT6592 chipset

After testing several octacore MT6592 smartphones on various previous versions of the Facebook app, we finally managed to find one that runs smoothly on devices that mount this chipset.

The version in question is the Thanks to Carlo's report, we have learned that the version is also compatible and can be downloaded from the following link:

Below is a brief installation guide:

  1. Once you have downloaded the App, copy the Apk to the memory of your octacore MT6592 smartphone;
  2. Make sure you have checked in the "unknown sources" settings;
  3. If previously installed, uninstall the Facebook App;
  4. Before installing the version of the Facebook app, follow these simple steps to disable the automatic update of the Apps: Open the PlayStore - Settings - Click on "Automatic update app" - select "Do not automatically update the app";Octacore MT6592 compatible Facebook app
  5. At this point all you have to do is install the Facebook app, previously downloaded.

I remind you that having disabled the automatic update, you will have to, from time to time, manually perform the update for each application, in the hope, of course, that the next version of the Facebook app is compatible with the octacore MT6592 chipset.