Xiaomi Mi3 "Gold Edition" is shown in the picture

Xiaomi Mi3

Up to now the topgame Xiaomi Mi3 has been available in a high number of colors, from pink to silver, but never in premium version, never in gold edition. There "Gold edition" however, it remains to be seen whether it will ever be placed on the market ...

The gold, once considered bizarre and tacky, has quickly become a trendy color since Apple launched its iPhone 5S version Champagne Gold. From now on, other manufacturers have moved to make gold versions of their devices (HTC, LG, Lenovo, Thl etc.), today's news is that Xiaomi would be ready to release a gold version of his flagship Xiaomi Mi3.

A gold version was initially discussed a few months ago but until now the chatter had remained such. Today, however, the Xiaomi Mi3 Gold Edition has been spotted, precisely in the hands of a Chinese child in an image of Xiaomi Fan Club. We are sure that the release of a gold version is a good way to continue to keep up the level of sales of the Mi3, but we are equally sure that the public is more intrigued by Mi3S or better yet by Mi4.

[via GizChina.com]