[How To] Xiaomi Me Tv, how to run the root

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Our cousins ​​of GizChina.es are currently testing the Xiaomi Mi Tv, Xiaomi's Android smart TV. After spending some time together, they managed to perform the root. Here's how it went!

The Xiaomi Mi Tv is an Android smart TV with an obviously customized firmware version and that with poco time it is even possible to access the ROOT permissions. Although at the moment the guides are all in Chinese, Eduardo of GizChina.es has managed to make one in English of which we are now bringing you a copy in Italian.

Download the Xiaomi Mi Tv - Root package at the following link

Note: When Eduardo from GizChina.es ran the program, his Anti Virus introduced him as a Virus. He managed to run it without problems but the Root is a risky and dangerous procedure for the user who, we remember, invalidates the warranty.

Xiaomi Mi Tv - How to Run the Root

To complete the root process you will need a Windows PC with Adb and Fastboot installed and connected to the network (if you do not, you can download them from here) and also Mi TV connected. Once the television is connected, mark the IP address, because it will be useful later.

1 ° Step: Enable Adb

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On the main screen go to the first of the small icons, the one with the image ofgear.

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Then click on the last option, the shield with the star. 3 will appear different options in Chinese, but as it is easy to see in the central one there is the writing "Adb": with the remote control we are going to modify the present option (with the directional keys) setting it as shown below:

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Eduardo recommends that you change and then reset the setting even if it is already set in the correct item.

2 ° Step: Launch program

Unzip and run the “Root-Xiaomi-MiTV.exe” file. A blue screen will appear on the screen of which you will probably not understand anything (only symbols) but the application is simply asking for the IP address (the one we had initially marked). After that, hit Enter and if Error appears, something like this will appear:

If it is all right, this is the result.

3 ° Step: Shutdown and Test

If all goes well, we can turn off and turn on the TV and set off and then again On Adb (maybe not necessary but RECOMMENDED).

In the PC we can finally perform "cmd.exe"To run msdos and write:

- adb connect (Change the IP address with yours. If everything goes Ok you will see "connected to ...")
- adb shell (we will see Android "prompt")
- on (if the process is correct you will see "#" error-free)

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Xiaomi Mi Tv - Root

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That is all for the moment. We hope Eduardo and GizChina.es friends continue to do a great job with this Xiaomi Mi Tv.

[via GizChina.com]