[News] Xiaomi, 6000 Mi3 and 5000 Power Bank arrive in Malaysia

Xiaomi Mi3

Com went to Malaysia last week to launch Xiaomi Mi3 we all remember it ... Malaysian friends, however, can hope because the phone will be back on sale again between poco.

The 27 May, the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi will again accept orders for the Mi3. This time however, the units on sale will be 6000, a number that we are not sure will be enough to meet the "MiFans" question. The price remains unchanged, ie 889 Malaysian Ringgit (about 203 €). A super-competitive price for a device with features from Topgamma 2014: Display 5 Full HD 1920 1080, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor, 2GB RAM, 13 Mega Pixel Camera ...

We Power Bank

This is not over, even the Xiaomi battery pack, better known as Mi Power Bank, will be sold tomorrow with a 5000 unit. The price to be offered will be 36 Malaysian Ringgit (about 8 €).

The start of sale time is set for 12.00 in Malaysia. We time the clocks!

[via GizChina.com]