Trendy Style L12S, smart bracelet alone 23 €

Trendy Style L12S

Trendy Style L12S, smart bracelet with OLED display and futuristic design is for sale at 31 $ only (about 23 €).

Although the emblazoned companies have already aggressively attacked the smartwatch and smart bracelet market, we have not yet witnessed the launch of a low-cost solution that can offer a good package of features.

The L12S by Trendy Style is a valid smart alternative from futuristic design with OLED display and Bluetooth for synchronization with Android devices and iOs. Among the features: call answering, caller ID, message synchronization and of course the clock.

Trendy Style L12S - Hands-on video

The lines are not very far from those of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit, but 23 € is much cheaper, offering more or less the same features. It is available in different versions: yellow, light blue, orange, red, white, etc.

Trendy Style L12S

If you want more information on purchasing features, additional features, etc. this is the link to which we refer.