Vivo X3L, the "thinnest LTE device in the world" arrives on the market

Vivo X3L

Do you remember when a few weeks ago we showed you the images of the Vivo X3L, also naming the same as the thinnest LTE device in the world? Do you also remember that we wrote that the phone would hit the market relatively quickly but we didn't know exactly when? Well, that day has come because the Vivo X3L is officially available for sale as of today (in China).

Yesterday, three retailers, including the official website of Vivo, have begun accepting pre-orders for the Vivo X3L 4G.


Il Vivo X3L is an upgrade with 4G LTE connectivity of the previous one Vivo X3. At only 6,75mm thick, the phone has similar specs to the X3: 2GB RAM, display by 5 HD inches 1280 × 720, camera from Mega-pixel 8 with F2.0 aperture. In addition to the 4G LTE upgrade, the X3L comes equipped with a processor quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon with clock frequency at 1,7 Ghz.

As estimated by us, the Vivo X3L will come on the market for a price of ¥ 2498 (about 293 €) at Tmall, Suning Tesco and the web page Vivo.


In case you were wondering which 4G LTE bands are supported by the Vivo X3L, we tell you they are: TDD-LTE 1900MHz / 2300MHz / 2600MHz.

LTE and processor connectivity are enough to unbalance you in favor of this X3L?