Lenovo m30, a new lightweight 13 laptop!

Lenovo m30

At the beginning of the year the major international economic publications reported the news of a probable acquisition of Sony Vaio by Lenovo, only rumor though, so much so that in the end it was a venture capital company to acquire the laptop division of Sony.

For Lenovo, however, it was not a problem because today it still continues to control the laptop division of IBM, not to mention that in the launch pad has some very interesting products, not least the Lenovo m30.

Just yesterday, Lenovo announced its latest laptop, the Lenovo m30. The m30 is equipped with 4GB RAM, 500GB of storage, 8GB direct access memory, processor Intel Core i3 and a display from 13 inches 1366 x 768 pixels.

Nothing special but looks like a PC with good hardware sold at the launch price of 500 €. It is also equipped with USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0, the battery guarantees up to a maximum of 5 hours of autonomy with Wi-Fi on. The weight is minimal, only 1,8 kg.

Surely you will not play Crysis 3, also because it is not designed for gaming. Labeled as "Cheap Business Laptop", the Lenovo m30 has the aim to break through as an elegant, practical and convenient PC.

The operating system is Windows 8.1if this is a defect or a value it depends on you.

[via GizChina.com]