Our forecast for Xiaomi launch event of May 15

Xiaomi launch

Yao Xiaomi announced a Beijing conference on May 15, which was held in May. There has been much speculation around, in this post all of our forecasts.

Xiaomi Mi3S


We have the certainty, Xiaomi will sooner or later launch an updated version of its top of the range on the market. The Pekingese house has already reduced the price of the Xiaomi Mi3, the previous "S" versions (Xiaomi Mi2S, Xiaomi M1S) have been marketed with about the same price, without counting the OnePlus deal.

According to our forecasts, the Xiaomi Mi3S will use the same body as the Xiaomi Mi3 but with 3GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor from 2,5 Ghz, 4G LTE connectivity and an updated front camera. It would also be nice to see some special features like the recharge implemented on Oppo Find 7, who knows. According to some Chinese media the Xiaomi Mi3S could already change the design, we think that it will only happen in October when the Xiaomi Mi4 will probably be unveiled.


Xiaomi tablet

We still haven't given up hope of seeing an Xiaomi tablet. The current offer includes: telephones, routers, TVs, set top boxes ... a tablet would be a great move.

The first rumors are out since last October. The specifications vary depending on the rumors: from Qualcomm to Mediatek to Intel, from the 3G to the 4G, although the general opinion is that it is a 7 inch with a design similar to the iPad Mini.

Xiaomi TV 2

Xiaomi TV

April saw the launch of the 3rd generation of the Xiaomi Box with 4K video, it is perhaps time to see also a Smart TV with updated specifications. Xiaomi TV is currently being sold in China for ¥ 2999 (about 346 €), we do not expect a price change or a 4K panel, but an increase in resolution may take place.

As for the Xiaomi Mi3S, we think that Xiaomi TV 2 will be a partial update with a main focus on the pprocessor, probably the Nvidia Tegra K1 already adopted by Lenovo K1 TV.

Xiaomi smartwatch

Xiaomi smartwatch

Difficult but not impossible. Competitors like Huawei, Oppo, TCL have already created simple models that can synchronize with the phone, we are sure to see a smartwatch from Xiaomi in the near future. We do not expect much from the 1 ° version: clock, notifications, sports monitoring but a competitive price.


Concept: MIUI V6, flat and stylish design!

The MIUI V5 is a great ROM but we are a bit 'tired of always seeing the same look of the user interface and we would like to see something more new and modern. The 15 May could be the perfect date to see an upgrade to the MIUI V6 for phones running Android 4.4 Kitkat.

Forecasts for the MIUI V6 include a new UI, new icons, and a much lower use of RAM memory. We would not be surprised to see transparent menus, updated camera app and gesture features.

MIUI Express

MIUI Express

MIUI Express is already available for download in Beta. It is likely that Xiaomi will implement a more stable Lite version of the ROM with new features.

What are your predictions for the Xiaomi launch event?

Between 10 days we'll see what's in store for us Xiaomi and see if our forecasts are correct. How do you think Xiaomi will move in 2014? What do you think the May 15 will be unveiled in Beijing? Let us know!

[via GizChina.com]