JiaYu S2 octacore, the review of GizChina.it

JiaYu S2

Today we present in absolute exclusive Italian the complete review of the JiaYu S2, the new TOP GAMMA of JiaYu that unlike the previous S1 mounts the octacore chipset Mediatek MT6592.

We want to thank you ejiayu.it, official dealer for Italy of JiaYu products, for sending the sample and, as always, for making available to you readers an exclusive discount, usable with code GIZJIAYUIT on all the products in the store.

JiaYu S2

JiaYu S2 octacore, the full review of GizChina.it

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The JiaYu S2 is a smartphone made in two different versions: a model of 1GB of RAM with 16 GB of internal memory, and one (the Advanced version) with 2GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. The phone does not have an expansion microSD slot. The version that we will see in this review is the Advanced one, that is the one with the supplied 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory.

JiaYu S2

But let's see them complete specifications of the JiaYu S2 octacore

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JiaYu S2 octacore: Design

We have already talked about the design of the JiaYu S2 in unboxing and it is useless to stress again that this smartphone is really beautiful. The similarity to the lines of Apple's iPhone should not deceive us, as a whole JiaYu has made a very original work.

JiaYu S2

However, the shape of the phone and its design lend themselves to customizations such as to let us imagine how it could be the next iPhone 6. In the image below, for example, you will see how, with the use of iLauncher this smartphone really looks like an anticipation of the next Apple device, which according to the rumors should be equipped with a larger display than the current one by 4 inches.

JiaYu S2 iOS7

At the back we find the 13 mega-pixel camera made by Panasonic, surrounded by a chrome ring and equipped with LED flash. We also find the second microphone for the reduction of the rustle, crest and JiaYu logo at the center of the shell made of stainless steel and, at the bottom, the system speaker.

JiaYu S2

On the left side we find both the power button and the volume keys and the two SIM trays

JiaYu S2

while on the right side instead the 3,5 mm jack for the earphones hidden from the peg of the two SIM slots

JiaYu S2

JiaYu S2

at the bottom the microUSB slot and the microphone

JiaYu S2

while the upper part is completely clean.

JiaYu S2

In the front we find the 8 mega-pixel camera made by Sony, the brightness and proximity sensors, the notification LED, with different colors but not settable, and the ear capsule. On the chin the classic 3 touch keys (not backlit) with a touch vibration effect, but not a dedicated vibration of the keys (similar to the one we saw on the Xiaomi Mi3), but a general vibration of the phone that is activated while using the themselves.

JiaYu S2

JiaYu S2 octacore - Display from 5 inches FULLHD

JiaYu S2

The display of the JiaYu S2 is truly incredible. Although I'm used to using FULLHD smartphones, the S2 managed to hit me positively anyway. The panel is in fact bright and clear, a display with a diagonal from 5 inches and a FULLHD resolution from 1920 x 1080 pixels. Obviously it is an IPS and in fact shows an excellent viewing angle that touches the 180 ° (we are about the 178 °).

JiaYu S2

The images are reproduced in an excellent way, with a definition and sharpness of very high level (I refer you to the video review to observe some test images). Of course, we are not talking about the display of the Xiaomi Mi3, which, until now, still retains the title of best display ever, but the quality of playback is really very high, with absolutely realistic colors and very well balanced.

JiaYu S2

The touch is also very good, no Gost Touch detected, although I must say that at times the same was slightly woody. Nothing to worry about though, because I found that it depends on the "heaviness" of the stock launcher installed. In fact, by installing an alternative launcher like Nova Launcher, the situation improves significantly and the system becomes very fluid and first of obstacles.

So performance worthy of the MTTNORE MT6592 chipset of Mediatek with clock frequency from 1.7Ghz, installed on the S2 and flanked by 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory in this Advanced version.

The brightness sensor is also very reactive, with excellent reactivity both in conditions of strong light and in those of deep darkness. The display is also protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 2 and can also be used with gloves and wet fingers (LTPS technology)

JiaYu S2 octacore: Performance, Benchmark and Gaming tests

I have already spoken in detail about the benchmark and Gaming results of the JiaYu S2 this post. I will therefore restrict myself to re-propose the videos of the tests and to list the results obtained.

JiaYu S2 octacore, Benchmark test

Here is the summary of the scores obtained:

  • Antutu: 23,338;
  • Antutu X: 23.036;
  • 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited: 6.282;
  • Quadrant: 12.034;
  • Anomaly 2: 38.367;
  • Vellamo HTML5: 1975;
  • Vellamo Metal: 643;
  • Epic Citadel: 46,4 fps;
  • Nenamark: 49.1 fps.

JiaYu S2 octacore, Gaming test

In the Gaming tests the JiaYu S2 has shown to be a reliable device also in the use of particularly elaborate games from the graphic point of view, as in the case of Real Racing 3 (generally supported by smartphone with Snapdragon chipset) and Dead Trigger 2.

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JiaYu S2 octacore: Telephone part and 3G navigation

Good telephone reception, on average compared to most of the smartphones tested. The audio on call is also excellent and the speakerphone audio with active speaker is quite good (perhaps slightly tending to "metallic").

No bugs detected in 3G connectivity.

JiaYu S2 octacoreGPS navigation

As already noted above for other smartphones, the new MT6592 chipset guarantees a very fast and stable GPS, without the need to run any FIX before using it. I also did not find any problem with the S2.

JiaYu S2 octacore: WiFi reception

The same goes for the WiFi reception of JiaYu, always very stable and powerful.

JiaYu S2 octacoreBluetooth

The JiaYu S2 bluetooth works very well. Also in this case it was tested, with positive result, with the apparatus installed in my car.

JiaYu S2 octacoreQuality of cameras

The 13 mega-pixel camera of the JiaYu S2 allows for excellent shots in good lighting conditions, but is not as satisfactory in low light conditions.

As usual you can download the original resolution pictures here.

Let's see some examples:

One of the highlights of the S2 camera is definitely the macros

JiaYu S2 - photo sample

As I anticipated, not so good photos taken in low light conditions. The same are in fact very noisy, in some cases even a lot, but the difference between the quality of the shots with good lighting and the mediocrity of these other photos is striking.

On the other hand, the flash is very good, very well calibrated and as you can see in the shot it is not "fired" in a single point, but spreads fairly evenly over all the elements portrayed.

JiaYu S2 - photo sample


Like many other smartphones, the JiaYu S2 also has the “Panorama” shooting function incorporated in the Camera App. Here is an example:

JiaYu S2 - photo sample

Very good video recording in FULLHD, but unfortunately, and this is a valid speech a bit 'for all smartphones, until we find a standard optical stabilizer on all devices will always have a flicker effect. It is indeed difficult to hold a smartphone while shooting, because the handle will never be like that of a video camera.

JiaYu S2 octacore, 1080p video test

As for the video part, the JiaYu S2 plays all popular video formats, including divx and mkv, with excellent audio and bitrate (in the video review you can watch a playback test in .MKV).

JiaYu S2 octacoreBattery

The JiaYu S2 p comes with a non-removable 2000mAh battery, an option that most likely will not make most JiaYu fans happy.

JiaYu S2

In the first days of use the autonomy of the phone had completely disappointed me. As I mentioned in the article in which we showed you the first benchmarks and a gaming test of the S2, in the first two days of testing the battery life was decidedly insufficient to cover the whole day and, even, the charge sometimes it diminished visibly. In the same two days, moreover, at certain times the percentage of charge did not show decreases despite the use, and then "collapse" suddenly.

JiaYu S2

Fortunately, the problem was due to a not good calibration of the battery and, in fact, after a few cycles of full charging the situation has definitely improved, and then stabilize in these last days of use, in which the results were more than excellent.

I managed to reach the 19.30 with a residual autonomy of about 10%, after a day of use, started at about 8.30, very intense for the JiaYu S2, in which I really stressed the phone with many calls, 3 account mail in push, the use of Facebook, whatsapp, skype, the realization of some of the photos that we will see in this review and much, much more.

In short, by absolutely disappointing, the battery life of the JiaYu S2 has then proved more than good, especially considering the 2000mAh only, or a budget that, if compared to the specifications of the phone, may seem decidedly inadequate.

JiaYu S2 octacore: final Thoughts

In closing, I can tell you that my general impressions on this JiaYu S2 are more than positive, especially if we consider that the one tested is a pre-production sample that has yet to be "polished" from a software point of view. A few small bugs are, therefore, more than acceptable, especially when these bugs are of minimal entity, such as those found in this review.

JiaYu S2

Surely I am very satisfied with the display, very sharp and detailed, while I am only partially satisfied with the photographic sector. In fact, as you have seen, the photos taken in good lighting conditions are excellent, while those at night are very "noisy".

Design and build quality excellent, I would say TOP GAMMA, close this evaluation with a nice 8 for the JiaYu S2, a vote absolutely improvable especially in anticipation of the commercial version of the phone.

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