Intel and Rockchip join forces to create SoCs for low-cost Android tablets

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The Intel multinational will team up with the Chinese producer Rockchip, in order to realize the processors that we will find in the next generation low-cost Android tablets.

While Intel is the manufacturer of PC processors par excellence, so it has immense experience in x86 architectures, Rockchip has made Chinese tablets with Android what they are today, accumulating a lot of experience with ARM architectures. Rockchip's processors are performing and poco expensive, in fact they quickly caught on both in China and internationally.

The strategic agreement with Rockchip is an example of Intel
- Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO

The strategic agreement with Rockcip is an example of Intel's commitment to pursuing a pragmatic and different approach in order to increase our presence in the international mobile market by rapidly developing a broad portfolio of processors and solutions for telecommunication technologies.
- Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO

The collaboration between Intel and Rockchip involves the creation of three products belonging to the 'SoFIA' chip family, all with cellular connectivity. While the basic dual-core version (with 3G) is scheduled for later this year, the quad-core models, one with 3G support and one with LTE support, are scheduled for 2015.

Intel has long been trying to fit into the lucrative Android market, but with Rockchip at his side could finally succeed.