Here's what could be the first Huawei smartphone with Windows Phone and Android

Huawei dual boot

We have often talked about the possibility that Huawei would realize devices with dual operating systems, the so-called dual-boot. Specifically, the two systems would be Windows Phone and Android. New spy photos, coming as usual from the Chinese social network Weibo, seem to confirm this possibility!

Huawei dual boot

What we see in the picture is in fact a smartphone with Android operating system, specifically with Huawei's Emotion UI interface. The peculiarity of the product, however, lies in the chin of the device, where we find the three classic navigation keys .. of Windows Phone!

We do not know if it's a prototype, a product being processed or just some internal testing of the company, but a similar device could be very interesting. Surely the Windows Phone keys would highlight several doubts about the relationship between the two operating systems, because using Android with the central key of Microsoft would be a bit 'ambiguous.

What is certain is that, if it were a real product of Huawei, the news will not be long in coming, as a smartphone with these features could be in great demand.