GooPhone S5, Galaxy S5 clone with Android 4.4 Kitkat to 111 €


Clone smartphones may not be the most exciting devices on the market, but if the original version is too expensive, they are still excellent deals. The GooPhone S5 it is not a clone, it is a "wannabe" as they say in the jargon, and was recently launched at a price of $ 149,99 (about 111,06 €).

GooPhone is usually always the first Chinese company to launch its own version of a clone topgamma emblazoned, for the Galaxy S5 however it took a little 'more time to make a performance device at a super competitive price.

The end result is that of a telephone with INTERNATIONAL price of 149,99 $ (about 11,06 €) characterized by processor quad-core Mediatek MT6582 from 1,3 Ghz, display from 5,1 HD inches 1280 × 720, rear camera from 8 mega-pixels, battery by 2800 mAh and, above all, operating system 4.4 Android Kitkat. That's not all, GooPhone also used a lamination process display, implemented a module NFC and inserted anti-dust covers for plug-ins and USB ports.

GooPhone S5 - Photo

Gold, black and white are the colors to choose from with prices starting from 111,06 € for the 8GB version and 130,31 € for the 32GB version.