Exclusive: JiaYu G6 octacore, the unboxing of GizChina.it

JiaYu G6

Today we present a new and incredible exclusivity of GizChina.it. We will see, in fact, an exclusive Italian (and probably European) unboxing of the new JiaYu G6 octacore.

We want to thank you eJiaYu.it to send the sample, which is still in pre-production version, of which we will see today a unboxing pending the full review that will be published in the coming weeks.

JiaYu G6

The G6 octacore is a smartphone with which JiaYu widens its horizons, facing for the first time in the territory of the phablet, albeit with a cut still quite reduced. The JiaYu G6 is in fact equipped with a display from 5.7 inches, protected by a glass Corning Gorilla Glass 2, with FULLHD resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels and a hardware equipment worthy of a TOP of the 2014 RANGE.

The JiaYu G6 measures 156 x 79 x 8 mm, for a total weight, including non-removable battery, of 173 grams.

But let's see the complete specifications of the JiaYu G6

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Exclusive: JiaYu G6 octacore, the unboxing of GizChina.it

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JiaYu G6 octacore - first impressions

JiaYu G6

The lines of the JiaYu G6 are very elegant and the device looks very well made and above all very resistant. In particular, the two side stripes, made with a thick and resistant metal material, are worthy of note. The remaining part of the body is instead made of plastic, which however appears well-made.

JiaYu G6

The side frames of the display are very small, a little 'less than the top and bottom.

The dimensions are quite generous, but in the ROM installed on the JiaYu G6, based on the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, JiaYu has inserted convenient functions for the use of the device with one hand. However, most operations will necessarily have to be done with two hands.

The ROM is very well optimized, especially in the use of RAM resources. Without any app open, in fact, about 500 MB are used out of a total of 2GB. This results in an excellent general fluidity of the system, as well as excellent reactivity in the execution of operations.

JIAYU G6 - Photo Gallery

Pending the full review, which will be published in the coming weeks, we close by thanking again eJiaYu.it to send the sample of the JiaYu G6 and, as always, to have reserved for all you readers an exclusive discount usable through the discount code GIZJIAYUIT.