Cube Talk 9X, a "Hot" presentation

Cube Talk 9X

Cube he had the brilliant idea of ​​being helped by sensual models for the promotion of his new Talk 9X, a tablet from 9,7 inches with 2K resolution, 8-core processor from 2,0 Ghz e 3G connectivity.

The Chinese tablet manufacturers tend to leverage hardware, design and above all price as key points of their products, but at home Cube probably think that this is not enough. And, just like in the past, they preferred to add sexy models in lingerie to their new tablet, the Cube Talk 9X.

For readers also interested in the specifications (you joke eh ...), the Cube Talk 9X has a display from 9,7 inches with 2K resolution, 2GB RAM, battery by 10000 mAh, processor Mediatek MT8392 8-core with clock frequency at 2,0 Ghz and, a very welcome feature, 3G connectivity.

The dimensions are incredibly small considering the battery: 237mm in length, 170 in width e only 7,5mm thick with a declared weight of 560gr.

The constancy and determination with which Cube has worked in the last 12 months lets us assume that it will be the first Chinese manufacturer to make Mediatek LTE processor tablets.