E-Ceros One octacore, unboxing and first impressions by GizChina.it

E-Ceros One

In recent days we have been so taken by OnePlus and the OnePlus One preview (with its contest), so much so that we have partially neglected the galaxy of other, small, companies operating in the Chinese mobile phone sector. One of these is Ceros, a brand poco known, but still very enterprising and, from some points of view, also quite innovative.

Today we present the unboxing of the latest born of the Ceros house, namely the E-Ceros One, a smartphone with 5.5 inch display, octacore processor and a very elegant design.

E-Ceros One

We want to thank you Chinavasion.com for sending the sample and, therefore, for giving us the opportunity to review for you this E-Ceros One.

E-Ceros One octacore, unboxing and first impressions by GizChina.it

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The dimensions of the E-Ceros One are 157 x 78 x 8.35 mm, for a total battery weight of 2800mAh including 171 grams, quite well distributed. The dimensions are contained in terms of thickness, but we cannot say the same for the length. In fact, as you can see, the E-Ceros One is even longer than the OnePlus One, which in itself is not a smartphone that stands out from this point of view.

E-Ceros One

The E-Ceros One mounts the 6592Ghz Mediatek MT1.7 octacore chipset, flanked by 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory. Although the large 5,5-inch display is equipped with a resolution "only" HD 1280 x 720 pixels, it is still very clear and well defined.

But let's see the complete specifications of the E-Ceros One

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E-Ceros One - Photo gallery

E-Ceros One - First impressions

The E-Ceros One made an excellent impression from the first contact. Personally, I have always particularly liked the rubberizing of the back covers, both because I do not like the shiny and smooth effect of standard plastic, and because of the greater impact resistance of this type of material. This is obviously a fairly "relative" discourse, as any damage also depends on the "type" of the fall of the smartphone.

E-Ceros One

The E-Ceros One also appears very well assembled. Every detail seems to be taken care of in the smallest details, like what could be a smartphone of any well-known brand.

Android is installed on the phone in the 4.2.2 Jelly Bean version with Android Stock interface, but we hope to see an update to Android 4.4 KitKat very soon for this device.

The first impressions on this E-Ceros One are, therefore, very good, but of course I will know how to be more precise in the full review that will be published in the coming weeks.

I close by thanking again Chinavasion.com for sending the sample of theE-Ceros One, available on the store at the price of only 146,10 € now at 131,60 euro.