[BOOM] Xiaomi, 122 millions of Redmi Notes in pre-order

Redmi Note

That Xiaomi both an ascending brand is not a secret, but according to China Times, the numbers for this 2014 would be incredible: pre-orders 2014 for the Redmi Notes are already 122 millions!

Xiaomi is the rising star of the Chinese mobile landscape. In February, two of its smartphones, the Xiaomi Redmi and the Mi3, have entered the Top 10 of the best-selling phones in the world and recently, as we well know, the Redmi Note, the first phablet from the Peking house, was also presented. The latter in particular, according to data released by China Times, promises an incredible success having already received the beauty of 122 millions of pre-orders.

Xiaomi Logo

Unfortunately, however, the first lot would be reduced to only 300.000 (300MILA) units, so complaints and delays will be secured.