Apple iPhone 6, launch date and probable prices!

Yesterday, an indiscretion of the German carrier Deutsche Telekom and spread by would inform us about presentation date and probable prices of the new melafonino iPhone 6.

Undoubtedly the price strategy of the iPhone will follow Apple's false line ofexclusivity. In fact, there is talk of a price that travels around 650 $ for the Air version and 750 $ for the Pro version, yes because as we have repeatedly informed you versions of the iPhone 6 they will be two: one from 4.7 inches (iPhone 6 Air) with release on the market already in Autumn and one from 5.5 inches (iPhone 6 Pro) with launch scheduled around Christmas. For both, however, the date of submission should be the one that emerged from the German operator Deutsche Telekom, namely the September 19.

According to the forecasts of the Japanese Nomura Securities, it would be creating iPhone for a total of about 46,5 million units, or those that the Cupertino company plans to sell by the end of the year.