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iOcean X8

Our Andi has made a first video The hands-on method of the iOcean X8, the next phablet of the company in need of us we have spoken for a long time in the last weeks. Waiting to be able to offer you our Italian unboxing and our full review, we show you the photos of the device along with the first impressions of Andi.

iOcean X8

The main change that iOcean has made in the realization of this new top of the range lies in the design and materials, profoundly different from those of the iOcean X7 or X7s, the company's previous top of the range. The display also underwent a substantial change, from 5 to 5.7 inches. The iOcean X8 looks a bit like the Oppo R1, although much larger and cheaper than the Oppo devices.

iOcean X8

The device is surrounded by an aluminum frame, while the front and back are two sheets of elegant Coring Gorilla Glass 3 glass. The lines are simple but elegant.

iocean X8

Unlike what you might think, the whole of glass and aluminum translates into a surprising weight of only 171 grams, including battery (we reserve the right to personally test this data). In addition, the weight is well distributed throughout the device, while the width is only 79mm, which allow to use it, as far as possible, with one hand.

iOcean X8

In general, the design is simple, elegant and functional. The device is as big as needed, with a length of 159mm, not bad for a 5.7 inch display.

iOcean has chosen to make this device with a shell u, which means you will not have access to the battery compartment, which houses a 2650mAh unit. The SIM cards (yes, the device guarantees dual SIM support) must be inserted through the special tray, designed to contain both. The device is available in 16 and 32GB of internal memory, but I suggest to choose the most capacious version as it is missing the expandable memory.

iOcean X8 video hands on

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First impressions of the iOcean X8

It's definitely too early to make judgments about this iOcean X8, but first impressions are positive. It seems that the smartphone does what it has to do in a stable and fast way.

iOcean X8

The build quality of the iOcean X8 is really high, like that of the Oppo R1, which is the same, but the iOcean has a larger display, higher resolution, 13 mega-pixel camera, NFC and a lower price!

The iOcean X8 is currently in pre-order on, the website of the official retailer for Italy of iOcean products, where you can take advantage of an exclusive discount through the voucher GIZIOCEANIT.

Here more details about the purchase.

Thanks to in the next days we will have the opportunity to offer you a complete Italian review of the iOcean X8. Stay tune