OnePlus One, Color Os ROM and new Antutu score

OnePlus One

The news about OnePlus will not end until OnePlus One it will not come into your hands (ahivoì it will still take a long time, ahivoì because I do not consider buying it because of personal disappointment) at least for users.

In China, the planned launch will take place on May 21 (for guests) and 28 May (for the general public), in the meantime hi-tech blogs are starting to put their hands on the new One. Here new images!

We have already seen the Unboxing video, but only of the CyanogenMod version. The OnePlus One will not only run Steve Kondik & co. but also Color Os, Smartisan Os and MIUI V5 if users wish. These are the first exclusive images of the firmware version Color Os (the home-made one from Oppo).

In addition to these exclusive images, new test screenshots have also emerged Antutu. To tell the truth this is not the first time that results on Antutu, they emerged two different last month, but given the number of people who can test the goodness (between specialized blogs and not) on the increase, we can indeed make us an ever clearer idea of ​​how OnePlus One can defend itself in the "real life".

In this test the One seems to total about 2000 points less than the previous fotospia. It is not a surprise, however, in the image is not specified which rom is implemented; the difference in score could be due to a different software configuration, to variations in the units produced. However, the score is firmly in front of devices such as Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Xperia Z Ultra, Xiaomi Mi3, LG G2 etc.

OnePlus One Antutu