The global rise of Android continues, but Windows Phone grows in Europe

Windows Phone and Android

From the company Kantar, which deals with statistical research, new data are arriving on the diffusion of the main mobile operating systems in the world. The data are clear, Android is the undisputed king in Europe, the United States and China, while the other systems show variable results based on the markets considered.

In the five main European markets (Italy, Germany, Spain, France and Great Britain) Android has grown to reach the 72.4% of smartphones, but also Windows Phone moves well, having obtained the 8.4% market share. The growth of iOS is instead much lower, as the Apple system stops at 17.5% of market shares.

BlackBerry has suffered instead abundant losses, but in general the total of the devices that mounts a system different from the "big three" (Android, iOS and Windows Phone) reaches just the 1.7% of the market.

Smartphone market share

The data also show the situation of the 2013, in order to highlight the change occurred within each market. As we see every day, Android remains the undisputed king of mobile operating systems on Chinese soil. iOS has instead lost market share in its country, the United States, but remains at the top of the charts in other states, such as Japan.

The statistics are certainly interesting, as interesting is the growth of Windows Phone. We are very happy with the excellent results obtained by the green robot system, now supported by many manufacturers.