ZOPO ZP990 + octacore, the full review of GizChina.it

Zopo ZP990 +

We are ready to offer you a new review by GizChina.it, the review of the new Zopo ZP990 + phablet with octacore processor and 14 mega-pixel camera.

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Full review of the ZOPO ZP990 + octacore

The Zopo ZP990 + is a phablet, a smartphone with a large display, which represents the evolution of the previous Zopo ZP990. The smartphone is animated by the Mediatek MT6592 octacore chipset, operating at the frequency of 1.7GHz, accompanied by 2GB of RAM. The panel, as anticipated, is large, that is, an 6 inch OGS with Full HD resolution. This device also offers a well-14 mega-pixel camera and a well-3000mAh battery.

Zopo ZP990 +

We have already seen other Zopo products with octacore processor, like it ZP998 and the ZP1000, but with this new smartphone the company has taken further steps, improving several aspects that in the past had disappointed.

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Complete technical specifications of the Zopo ZP990 +

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Full review of the Zopo ZP990 + - Design

In terms of design, the Zopo ZP990 + resumes a bit 'the lines of Samsung devices. We're definitely not talking about a clone, but Zopo's designers have definitely taken inspiration from the devices of the Korean company, creating a device that will remind many of you different models of the Galaxy series. We would certainly have preferred a more original design, also considering what has succeeded in relocating Zopo with the ZP1000, of which we have already realized unboxing.

If I had to indicate a weak point of this smartphone, I would probably choose the design, but if you like the lines of Samsung you will find instead in the design of the ZP990 + a strength.

Zopo ZP990 +

The front of the smartphone immediately shows the rounded corners and the large 6 inch display. The side frames are quite thin, while the upper and lower ones are average. Considering that the chin of the smartphone offers navigation keys, the size of these frames is acceptable.

In the other part we find the front camera 5 mega-pixel, particularly suitable for lovers of selfie, the speaker for calls, the sensors of brightness and proximity and the LED notification. The LED is very small, but not enough not to be visible, while the colors used for the various notifications are blue, green and red.

Zopo-ZP900 + -3

On the device's chin we find the Android navigation keys, which have a particular "fuzzy" backlighting effect. Initially this type of effect appears a bit 'annoying, but over time it has proved rather pleasant.

Zopo Zp990 +

Zopo ZP990 +

In the upper part of the device instead we find the only headphone jack from 3.5mm. From the picture you can see the chrome frame that surrounds the whole device. The frame is made of plastic materials, but gives a nice and elegant pseudo-metallic effect, and breaks the regular design characterized by shiny plastics.

The construction materials of the smartphone are plastic but qualitatively good, while the assembly is really solid, free of spaces or creaks, which we had found in Zopo devices previously reviewed.

Zopo-ZP900 + -2

The sides of the smartphone further show the frame with chrome effect. On the left side we find the volume rocker, while on the right side we find the power / lock key. The keys are made with a finish that echoes that of the frame, but although solid they give the impression of moving a little too much. They are definitely details of poco account, but the progress that Zopo has made with this smartphone is decidedly remarkable, therefore, in evaluating a quality product, we find ourselves analyzing all the details.

Zopo-ZP900 + -8

The back of the smartphone houses the cover made of a glossy plastic, which, although not perfect for the grip of a smartphone so large, returns a good feeling to the touch. On the back we find the camera from 14 mega-pixel, the LED flash, the company logo and the system speaker, equipped with a small plastic insert that avoids the choking of sound when the smartphone is lying on a flat surface.

Zopo-ZP900 + -9

Zopo-ZP900 + -13

The camera is surrounded by a metal frame, which protects the sensor and gives elegance to the back of the smartphone. The protrusion of the camera that you can see from the photos is partly muffled by the back cover. As we will see in detail later, the photographic industry is one of the strengths of this smartphone.

Zopo-ZP900 + -12

Removed the back cover of the smartphone we have access to the battery compartment. The 3000mAh battery is removable and blue. You will need to remove the battery to access the two SIM card slots, one in micro format and one in traditional format, or to insert a micro SD card for memory expansion.

Full review of the Zopo ZP990 + - Performance and benchmark Antutu

On a performance level, the smartphone aligns with other products based on the MediaTek octacore SoC, ensuring a high level of computational power.

The processor is able to move the system with great fluidity and to offer all the power necessary to perform any type of operation. Thanks to the 2GB of RAM, multitasking does not involve any kind of problem, allowing you to manage many applications at the same time.

The graphic sector is entrusted to the Mali-NaNXX chip-tested chip with 450MHz, which allows to play fluidly even the heaviest titles. As we have said several times, some games are optimized for Adreno graphics chips, like Real Racing, others for Mali chips, with Gameloft's Modern Kombat 700, so any micro lag present in some of these titles depend on the optimization of the software house, not from the chip's performance.

To get an idea of ​​the very high graphic detail obtainable with this smartphone, I invite you to look at the short gameplay present in the full video review. The large Full HD display from 6 inches is also a perfect companion for Android video games.

Zopo Zp990 + 2048

Apparently the Zopo ZP990 + is also a lucky smartphone, which allowed us to achieve the score of 2048 in the well-known puzzle game several times, even touching the square from 4096!

Zopo ZP990 + Antutu

To give a "numerical" idea of ​​the computational power of this Zopo ZP990 +, we show you the bechmark Antutu, which welcomes the 26.724 points obtained by welcoming us among the high-end smartphones!

Full review of the ZOPO ZP990 + - Photo portfolio

One of the strengths of the Zopo ZP990 + is definitely the photographic industry. The quality of the shots is not reserved for the rear camera by well 14 mega-pixel, because even the front camera from 5 mega-pixel allows you to capture images above average.

The ZP990 +'s main camera, in bright sunlight, allows you to take photographs in natural, highly detailed colors. The amount of detail captured by this sensor is definitely above average, even with photographs taken from above. At night the shots are discreet, although in some shots there is a little 'noise. The very powerful flash allows you to capture many details even when shooting in total absence of lighting.

The photo software is quite complete. The shot is surprisingly fast, while the options include different filters (grayscale, sepia, color, etc.) and various color adjustment options.

We invite you to download photos in original resolution, using the zoom to understand the amount of detail captured. The photos can be download from here.

The Zopo ZP990 + also records videos in Full HD, of which we offer two examples below. The second video was made at close range, to capture as much detail as possible. Audio recording of videos has improved compared to the past, but it is still not of high quality.

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Full review of the Zopo ZP990 + - Battery

The battery of this smartphone is another of its strengths. With a capacity of well 3000mAh, the battery of the smartphone allows you to arrive safely in the evening with a day of intense use, while it will take you to a day and a half of use with an average use.

We were satisfied with the autonomy of this Zopo device, considering that the 6 inch display and the octacore processor represent a high energy demand combination. We therefore congratulate the company on the progress made on this plan, as the younger brother of this smartphone, the ZP998, found its weak point in its battery autonomy.

Zopo ZP990 + battery

Zopo ZP990 + battery

The images above, in which the battery has reached 1g 10h 40m and 54s of use, with 4 hours of screen on and 13% of remaining autonomy, refer to the following use of the smartphone:

  • A few hundred Whatsapp messages, with audio notes and photo reception;
  • Facebook messenger active and use of the Facebook client;
  • Navigation with Goolge Chrome and short video playback on Youtube;
  • A few phone calls;
  • 3G connectivity always active except for an hour of use under the Wifi network;
  • Installation of some applications from the Playstore;
  • Gmail in push;
  • Taking 22 photos and recording 33 seconds of video;
  • Edit two photos via a dedicated application and then upload to Facebook;

Intensive use of video games will obviously consume the battery quickly, but this good automaton, combined with the ability to replace the battery, make this phablet very attractive for those who need long sessions without recharging.

Full review of the Zopo ZP990 + - Software

The software installed on this smartphone is Android in the 4.2 Jelly Bean version, as already seen for the other MT6592 processor-based smartphones. The installed ROM is the same already seen on devices from other manufacturers, such as iOcean.

As we said in the past, this ROM is very stable, fluid, but graphically unsatisfactory. We therefore recommend the use of an alternative launcher, such as Nova launcher, as the Zopo ZP990 + is mainly an Android smartphone, whose main vocation is the freedom of customization.

Zopo ZP990 +

Following the announcement of MediaTek, which made available the update to Android 4.4 KitKat for devices with MT6592 processor, we would like to see this update also on this Zopo ZP990 +. Bringing the device to the latest version of the Android operating system would be a good step forward for Zopo, as software support has long been the Achilles' heel of SoC MediaTek-based smartphones. So we will see how Zopo will behave in the coming months.

Full review of the Zopo ZP990 + - Smart cover

In the package sent to us by zopomobile.it, we also found a "smart cover", a very interesting and appreciated accessory. This type of cover has already been seen on devices of other companies, so this is not an original idea of ​​Zopo, but in everyday use it proves very interesting.

The cover replaces the back of the smartphone, so as not to increase its thickness further. Opening the cover will unlock the device, as well as closing it will block it. Pressing the unlock button, when the cover is closed, will show through the transparent mask the date, time, signal, remaining battery and any notifications. Moreover, in case of reception of a phone call while the cover is closed, it will be possible to answer or reject the call by executing a swap directly from the transparent cover mask.

Full review of Zopo ZP990 + - Final considerations

The Zopo ZP990 + is therefore a quality smartphone, with a nice display, high-end hardware specifications, good battery life and a good photographic compartment. Samsung style design may like it or not, but we would have preferred a more original design. As for connectivity, reception, signal, GPS, the blueetoth the smartphone does not give any kind of problem.

With a price in Italy of 289 euros (even less with our discount code on zopomobile.it)If you are interested in a large screen phablet, the ZP990 + is definitely a product to consider. We congratulate Zopo on the progress made in terms of hardware and assembly, but we hope that the company will focus on a more original design and update its device.