THL T100S octacore, our full review!


The THL was one of the first Chinese companies producing Android smartphones to launch a device equipped with the new octacore MT6592 chipset.

I refer of course to THL T100S, aka THL Monkey King 2, which today we have the opportunity to see in a full review thanks to


In recent months we have witnessed the launch of several Chinese Android smartphones with the Octacore Mediatek chipset, some of which have already been reviewed by our staff (Zopo ZP998, Mlais MX69 Pro, iOcean X7S, iOcean G7) and to which we add today the THL T100S, or what we could define a MUST considering the good reputation built by the company in the last few months.

THL T100S specifications

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THL T100s - Design

The THL T100S replaces the previous TOP RANGE of the company THL W11 "Monkey King", also reviewed by our staff, confirming in the hardware equipment the display from 5 inches FULLHD and the dual camera from 13 mega-pixel, but with the addition, as anticipated in the introduction, of the octacore processor of Mediatek.

Except for the two specifications common to THL W11, the T100S is a smartphone that has been completely renewed in the line.

Despite the completely new look, the THL T100S in design vaguely resembles the Xiaomi Mi3.

THL T100s vs Xiaomi Mi3

At the front, in addition to the 5 inch IPS Full-HD display, we find the three capacitive system buttons and at the top left the 13 mega-pixel front camera, flanked by the brightness and proximity sensors. The two sensors work very well, in particular the brightness sensor is always very precise and reactive.

The underside of THL T100s is very angular, so with a design that completely deviates from the shapes of previous THL devices. On the lower edge we find the only microphone and the recess for removing the back cover.

The rounded edges tend to facilitate the grip of the device, making it easier to use with one hand.


The back part is the one that most reminds the design of the Xiaomi MI3, but it is also the one that, from an aesthetic / functional point of view, has impressed me the most.

In fact, the overall quality of the materials is very good and in particular it is very pleasant this rubberized finish of the rear part, which seems to me above all quite resistant to impact and / or scratches.

The finishes are very good, but I must say that in this I find a confirmation of what was said previously for the THL W11. The THL is a company that is working very well and that, slowly, is trying, and finding, its own identity in the Chinese mobile telephony market.

On the back panel we also find the THL logo, renewed at the launch of this THL T100s, and finally the system speaker.

On the top we find the micro USB slot and the 3,5 mm jack for the earphones.



On the left side we find the only power button, convenient to reach with the thumb (if you are right-handed), while on the right side the volume buttons. I confirm Andi's impressions on the solidity of the THL T100S control buttons.


The THL W11, which we talked about in this complete review, was characterized by the impossibility of removing the battery. One of the novelties of THL T100S most liked by fans is definitely the ability to access the battery from 2300 mAh removable. Furthermore, under the back cover, we find the two SIM slots, the one for the microSD and the system speaker.

On the back cover there is also the NFC module, through which you can make payments (when the functionality is sufficiently widespread) transfer the data, synchronize the T100s with other devices, etc.


THL T100s - Display

Very nice display, very bright and clear, a display with a diagonal from 5 inches and a FULLHD resolution from 1920 x 1080 pixels, IPS, so with an excellent viewing angle that touches the 180 °.

In the test images shown in the video-reviews you will see the excellent color balance, with in particular very realistic blacks and whites.


A display definitely above average, perhaps slightly sharper and brighter than the panel installed on the previous THL W11.


THL T100s - Performance

Mediatek's new octacore chipset, the MT6592, of which the THL T100s is equipped with its 1.7Ghz clocked version, no longer needs any introduction. In the various tests performed, it has proven to be powerful, reliable and powerful even in "third-party functions", such as GPS.

thl t100s benchmark

Despite being an octa-core, the Mediatek MT6592 chipset allows devices to achieve benchmark test results in line with older Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets (eg Snapdragon 600).

thl t100s benchmark

The most fussy might turn up their noses, but I assure you that such a computing power on a smartphone is more than enough for all uses.

As usual, we have performed several benchmarks to give you the widest perspective:
Antutu: 26.404;
Quadrant: 13.840;
Vellamo HTML5: 1.936;
Vellamo Metal: 630;
Nenamark: 57.3 fps;
Epic Citadel 37,4 fps.

Benchmark certainly respectable for a smartphone currently sold by alone 217 €. The only disappointing result is that related to the 37,4 fps Epic Citadel, but it is still a data absolutely not in agreement with those of the other tests and, more generally, with the performance of the use of THL T100S.

THL T100s - Camera

Both cameras of the THL T100s are 13 mega-pixel units and both have F2.0 opening, the rear is equipped with LED flash.

Lovers of photos Selfie therefore, they will particularly appreciate the front sensor of the T100s.

Very good the rear camera from 13 mega-pixel and above all the average quality of the shot in every type of light condition and above all excellent performance of the LED flash, always very balanced. Excellent macro, as well as photos on reflective surfaces, like this one.

THL T100s - Photo Sample

What disappointed me the most is the slow shutter speed. You won't have any problems with, let's say, “posed” photos, but if you intend to photograph moving elements, you will probably have a little more difficulty in making good shots.

Good video recording in FULLHD, especially very fast in focusing and stable even against light. Audio is also very good.

THL T100S - 1080p video test

Very good also the VIDEO playback, the THL T100s playback all the most known formats, we see for example the mkv, as you can see the reproduction is excellent with good sound and an excellent bitrate. No jamming or indecision in reproduction.

THL T100s - Battery

The current equipment of the TOP RANGE Chinese Android smartphones now make the batteries adopted by the manufacturers on average inadequate. It is a bit of a problem for all brands and even THL on its T100S octacore has installed a battery of only 2300 mAh, a battery that is not enough to complete a full day of intense use. In fact, in a very stressful day for the device, which started at around 8 in the morning, the unit installed on the THL T100s guaranteed an autonomy of about 10 hours.

For intensive use I refer to the 3G always active, 3 email account in push, several text messages sent, about 1 hours of calls, Facebook, Whatsapp, WeChat, use of GPS for about 30 / 35 minutes and bluetooth always active.

Also in this case I noticed an improvement in the autonomy after some charging cycles, with an average increase of about 30 minutes.

From this point of view it is absolutely positive the choice of THL to make the battery removable, so as to allow users to replace it or, in any case, to have a spare.

THL T100s - Connectivity

No problems with the THL T100s connectivity compartment. Perfect and stable 3G reception, no problem detected both in navigation and in call.

Also the Wi-Fi reception (802.11 b / g / n) is excellent, as is the Bluetooth (tested as always with the device installed in my car) and the NFC.

THL T100S - the video review compelta in Italian

THL T100s - Conclusions and Price

Well, in closing I can tell you that my general impressions about this THL T100s are very positive.

Very good is the display and above all the optimization of the ROM, really very stable and reliable, which is not a thing poco for a Chinese Android smartphone. Too many times, in fact, I detect bugs which, although not important, are very annoying and penalizing for the user experience. Just think of the best known Oppo FIND 7...

Moreover, what has impressed me about this T100s in everyday use is definitely the average perception of quality of materials, THL is indeed taking giant steps and is slowly establishing itself among the best Chinese companies producing Android smartphones.


Still a little work to do on batteries, but this, as you may have noticed, is something to reflect on and work on all the brands, from the best known to the smallest ones.

I remind you that the THL T100s is available on at the price of 217 euro, so a very competitive price for a smartphone with octa-core chipset, dual 13 mega-pixel camera with F / 2.0 aperture, 2gb of ram and 32gb of internal memory.