Oppo Joy, price and launch markets

Oppo Joy

Oppo is known for its high-end smartphones, but its presence is slowly increasing even in the entry-level and mid-range sectors. His latest device, Oppo Joyseems to be a valid phone but we do not know where and when it will be commercialized.

The Oppo Joy was announced last week but, as mentioned, up to now they did not know neither the price nor the presided markets.

The Oppo Joy is a dual-SIM device designed exclusively for the entry-level market; arrives equipped with dual-core processor by 1,3 Ghz, 512MB of RAM, display by 4 inch WVGA 480 × 800, front camera from 0,3 mega-pixels, back from 3 mega-pixels and also battery from 1700 mAh.

It is certainly not a performer but second GizmoChina it will be sold for around 150 $ (about 109 €). Not only that, Joy presents some typical features of Color Os, like the gestures to open some apps, and a high sensitivity display can also be used with a pair of gloves.

It is not yet clear what the launch markets are but Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam are for the moment certain.

[via GizChina.com]