Nubia 2.0 (and Android 4.4) coming from the 15 May on many ZTE Nubia devices

Nubia 2.0

The Nubia 2.0 ROM version debuted on the Nubia X6 just last month, but owners of "minor" Nubia devices until now have had to settle for version 1.3. But very soon it will no longer be like this. According to what has been published on the official Weibo account of the company ZTE will propose Nubia 2.0 for the other Nubia devices in the month of May. The updates will start exactly on May 15th.

Starting with the 15 May, then, the Nubia Z5, Z5 Mini, Z5S, Z5S Mini and Z5Sn will get an update to the Nubia 2.0 ROM version with support for the Android 4.4 KitKat.

Nubia 2.0

Nubia 2.0 brings a series of new features, including "split screen" and "One hand control". Split screen allows users to run two applications at the same time. "One hand control" instead reduces the size of the UI on the display by moving it to one side so as to make it easy to reach all the elements on the display with one hand while holding the device (a bit like the function seen in the focus on the FuntouchOS del Vivo Xplay 3S).

We do not know if these features designed for phablets will be included in the update of smaller devices. In fact, while the "One hand control" and the "Split Screen" could be very useful on the 6,4 inch display of the Nubia X6, it will be difficult to practice on the 4.7 inch diagonal display of the Z5 Mini. It should be noted, however, that Samsung has recently adopted these features on the new Galaxy S5, which is a "regular sized" phone.

The Nubia 2.0 also includes highly functional custom “quick action menus”. If you want to take a first look at what you will find in the update, watch this video presentation (in Chinese language) of the Nubia 2.0 ROM.