JiaYu F1: the review of GizChina.it

JiaYu F1

After having tried it, used it and above all stressed it for about 1 week, today we are pleased to present you the Complete Review (find the video review at the end of the post) of JiaYu's super low-cost entry-level smartphone, ie JiaYu F1.

When I received the JiaYu F1 I was really anxious to try it (I do not think to exaggerate), because it is easy to get excited for a top of the range like Xiaomi Mi3, Oppo Find 7 (reviewed by us here in Italian Exclusive) or for the highly anticipated OnePlus One, but this does not mean that the curiosity can not be raised even by an entry-level device like the JiaYu F1, which weighs the expectations of many for the specifications but above all for the price.

Unfortunately, the version received is the one with network support TD-SCDMA, That not compatible with our 3G networks, of which, as is obvious, we have analyzed all the aspects with exclusion of the connectivity sector.

We would like to thank once again eJiaYu.it [authorized Italian distributor of JiaYu products] for sending us the JiaYu F1, but also for having reserved for our readers a discount on all the products present in the store, usable through the code GIZJIAYUIT.

JiaYu F1 - Full Review (the video is at the end of the post)

JiaYu F1 - The features

Those who follow us know this, those who are starting to follow us will have guessed it. If on one side of the market, the highest one, that of the top of the range, the Chinese mobile industry always anticipates global trends (increasingly large displays that lead to tablet dimensions, 2K Quad-HD resolution, 8-core processors, etc.) on the other, the lower one, that of low-cost, is undoubtedly the best and most dynamic.

JiaYu F1
Smartphone with larger, less large displays, with higher or lower display resolution, quad-core, 8-core etc. they continually challenge themselves on specifications, price, updates and the result for us consumers is very positive. JiaYu F1 is the result of this battle of free market in which JiaYu has entered and wanted to say its, combining specifications of all respect at a price ABSOLUTELY paltry!

No more talk and see the specifics.

JiaYu F1 - Specifications

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JiaYu F1
Before continuing with the Full Review, take a break and take a look at ours Unboxing.

JiaYu F1 - Unboxing Video & First Impressions of GizChina.it

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JiaYu F1 - Design

The design and construction quality of the JiaYu F1 does not deny the company's tradition at all. Whoever owns or has previously owned a JiaYu phone knows very well the quality of the materials used and the precision of the assembly that distinguishes this company. Given the right proportions, this is also valid for JiaYu F1.

JiaYu F1
Having only seen it in photos it seemed different to me, from vivo instead it reminded me quite a old iPhone 3 or a newer Xiaomi MI2. Obviously we do not speak ABSOLUTELY of a clone or a replica but certainly of inspiration, exactly an inspiration. Many of you will think "it's easy to produce a phone using the lines of a phone that has already been successful!", Well, no boys. It is not absolutely easy! However, it must be taken into consideration that combining lines, design, etc. it is already in itself a difficult operation, let alone if we need to mix styles of companies with such different philosophies, development and production.

JiaYu F1
On a front surface of 77,5 square centimeters it screen occupies about 59% of total space. A display, surrounded along the entire perimeter by an aluminum strip with width less than 1mm and thickness of about 2,5mm, from 4 inches with resolution WVGA 480 x 800 pixels, a TFT unit made by Sony (I'm already telling you that despite the resolution reduced it's very beautiful). On the front we also find the second camera, equipped with a VGA sensor (or, 3 mega-pixel), and the gravity sensor.

JiaYu F1
The 3 classic backlit touch capacitive keys can be seen quite well. The only note: the lighting is slightly decreasing to the left.

JiaYu F1
The back of the JiaYu F1 is occupied by a black plastic cover, a mixture of satin and gloss, I would dare to say slightly sanded, which presents the company logo in a central position and at the bottom instead the writing JiaYu. By removing the cover we have the camera back from Mega-pixel 5 with LED flash, which through interpolation reaches the 8 mega-pixels.

JiaYu F1
There is obviously no shortage of the system speaker, which we find in the lower left corner, the two slots for the SIM (which as we said we could not use in 3G because of only support to the TD-SCDMA network), the slot for SD card for expansion up to 64GB and finally the battery, a valid unit from 2400 mAh.

JiaYu F1
The location of the physical keys is rather standard: on the right side we find the volume balance, above we find the on / off button right next to the 3,5mm jack for the earphones.

Lower down, in a central position, we find the plug-in for the micro-USB cable, while on the left side we see nothing, a completely free and clean end.

JiaYu F1 - Display

As already anticipated, in spite of what one can think of a panel with reduced resolution which is the WVGA 480 x 800 pixels, the display from 4 inches of the JiaYu F1 is very, very cute. But the frames around are from 3,5mm, not really thin. Sufficiently bright and with a rather clear image reproduction. The colors are certainly realistic: the whites are white, the blacks instead could be a bit 'more blacks.

JiaYu F1
In closed environments, visibility is good even if not set to max, in light of the sun instead it sins slightly; it is not really easy to see the JiaYu F1 when the sun is strong (fortunately these days it is ...).

JiaYu F1
The touch sensitivity is also very good. I must be honest, from a device in this price range I never expected a display of this quality. Really, really satisfying!

JiaYu F1 - Performance and benchmark

JiaYu F1
Speaking of performance I can not fail to give a brief remind of the technical specifications. The JiaYu F1 is equipped with a processor Mediatek MT6572 dual-core from 1,3 Ghz e 512MB of RAM. Initially I thought that the RAM was insufficient, but I changed my mind, the multi-tasking is discretely managed. Of course, do not expect to be able to play Asphalt or similar games though!

Let's move on to raw and raw performances. If you simply quote the data without the necessary preambles you would say to me "I thought better!". It's good to say that smartphones purchased for about 70 € dream the score that, for example, the JiaYu F1 does record on Antutu, Well 10.597 points.

These instead the results on VellamoMenu (HTML5 and Metal), NenaMark2 e Quadrant.

JiaYu F1 - Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth did not give me much trouble. As for the Wi-Fi, not being able to test the 3G connectivity, it has been thoroughly tested being the only way to connect the phone to the network. These results a 2, 5 and 7 meters:

JiaYu F1
Il Bluetooth specifically it was used to send photos and screenshots from the JiaYu F1 to the PC and from the JiaYu F1 to another phone. No problem!

JiaYu F1 - Cameras

The JiaYu F1 is definitely not the most suitable phone if you are a photographer. Put it this way, the phone does not take pictures that are blatantly ugly, but do not use it indoors in the absence of light or when sunlight begins to fail, it's a tip. The rear sensor, as mentioned, is a unit from Mega-pixel 5 with LED flash (even this LED flash is not that the maximum) the front one instead is a unit VGA.

If the rear camera, all in all, is decent, the front one for the "Selfie"(Yes, for the selfie, because Skype is perhaps too heavy for the JiaYu F1) is not at all satisfactory.

Here are some examples.

The outdoor videos are adequately good, a certain quality not incredible but for 70 € you can not even expect a Sony EXMOR IMX214, no?

JiaYu F1 - Battery

JiaYu F1
The JiaYu F1 battery is a unit from 2400 mAh which certainly won't leave you dry. Except for some software problems (also found in other cases), which however do not interest us as the WCDMA 3G version will be equipped with a stock version of Android, the battery was reliable. Taking into account about 100 messages on Whatsapp, a continuous use of Facebook Messenger, two email accounts in push (Gmail and Hotmail), 30 min of video viewing on Youtube and 30 min of gaming, I arrived at 20:00 with still the 23% remaining charge.

JiaYu F1 - the Complete Review of GizChina.it

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JiaYu F1 - Cofinal considerations

To conclude, I can not be satisfied with the JiaYu F1. This entry-level JiaYu is absolutely the phone for you if you have a budget or if you need a 2 ° phone, let's say, "battle". eJiaYu.it has it in the list at the time to 74 € and frankly at this price there is nothing of this level.

JiaYu F1
As already mentioned, except for the problems of software that I found and will be solved with the installation of a stock ROM, the greater perplexities came from the cameras, the front one in particular. The version of Android performed is the4.2.2 Android Jelly Bean with YunOs user interface 2.0.1, a Custom ROM that I personally do not like so much. It is not an aesthetically unpleasant ROM (functionality, app drawer, Settings and even the dialer are very clean) but personally since I tried Meizu Flyme, I found a standard hardly reachable.

JiaYu F1

Would I buy the JiaYu F1? Well ... yes! A smartphone, again, "battle", which can be used in any situation and that when your 1 ° phone is unloaded will not leave you alone. Frankly a €74As I have already told you, I do not think there is anything better than that. The vote ? 7,5 full!

Thank you again eJiaYu.it for having sent us the JiaYu F1, but also for having reserved for you readers a discount on all the products present in the store, usable through the code GIZJIAYUIT!