INVITE SYSTEM: Do you want to buy the OnePlus One? Find out how!

OnePlus Invite System

Who has never happened (unfortunately!) Of wanting to buy a product any except to find out later that this is already out of stock and that the next lot will be available on a date to be defined. In the world of hi-tech furniture these situations often occur, some manufacturers to solve this type of problems, before sending phones, allow a time x in which you can pre-order the phone. This practice, however, implies the fact that between the presentation of the device and the arrival in our hands can take place a lot, a lot of time (the case of Oppo Find 7 with 2K display it is an example. Remember?).

The guys of OnePlus therefore they had a beautiful and particular idea that we will now illustrate. As explained by Carl Pei himself on the OnePlus Forum, the company's values ​​are quality, tenacity and also the desire to share ... and precisely thanks to sharing it will be possible to buy the OnePlus One.



But how does this "Invite System"? With a Call we will be and you will be sure to have the One in your hands. The invitations, however, will be provided only by your friends (if they also have some matches), they can be won through mini-competitions and also on the official forum of the company. The OnePlus team will then reserve the right to grant invitations to the most active members of the Forum who in turn will become "eligible”And they will be able to offer further invitations to their networks of friends and acquaintances, who, however, to accept the invitation will have to buy the OnePlus One, which will then be delivered to their home within a few days. AN IMMENSE Word of mouth!

A very intelligent idea to differentiate from competitors that manages to combine the needs of financial balance and the “high” positioning that the company wants to achieve. Also because if it is true it is true that behind OnePlus there is BBK (parent company of Oppo e Vivo), it is also true that self-sustainability in Pete Lau's project is a fundamental aspect. Any company today needs to optimize its management. None excluded.

OnePlus Invite


Carl Pei finally clarifies that to date invitations are not available yet and that we will have more news the next 23 April, the day of the official presentation.