EXCLUSIVE: JiaYu F1 dual-sim, our unboxing

JiaYu F1

In recent weeks the market of low-cost Chinese smartphones is in great ferment, we are witnessing the launch of many devices in the price range of entry-level, the one that in China is around the 799 ¥ (€93). To redefine the rules of the game JiaYu thought about it with his new one JiaYu F1!

Thanks to the official Italian dealer of JiaYu products, eJiaYu.it, today we have the opportunity to show you an exclusive unboxing of the JiaYu F1, a highly anticipated low-cost smartphone, probably the device from best quality / price ratio in the world, which will soon be available also in the WCDMA version.

JiaYu F1
What we will see in today's unboxing is the version TD-SCDMA, that is to say that is not compatible with our 3G networks, of which, as is obvious, we will analyze all aspects with the exclusion of the connectivity sector.

JiaYu F1 - Specifications

Looking at the specific sheet of the JiaYu F1 what immediately catches the eye is definitely the battery from well 2400 mAh, a battery that, as we have already pointed out for the JiaYu G2F, has a capacity even higher than some installed on devices with implicitly “more energy-intensive” specifications, such as the FULLHD display and the octacore chipset.

So, most likely JiaYu F1 will be equipped with above-average range, which will undoubtedly pleased those who require a good-looking smartphone mainly from this point of view.

JiaYu F1
The JiaYu F1 is also equipped with a very valid display from 4 inches TFT produced by Sony with resolution WVGA 480 x 800 pixels, which in spite of what you can think of is still a panel that transmits clear and above all very bright images.

JiaYu F1
JiaYu F1 - Full specifications

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JiaYu F1 - Unboxing Video

JiaYu F1 - First Impressions

Objectively it is difficult to be disappointed with a JiaYu phone. Their phones are well assembled (which has ever bought one knows it!) And sold at a good price. In terms of design, the JiaYu F1 certainly recalls the most elegant Xiaomi MI2 but is not among the most appealing JiaYu smartphones.

The 6572 from Mediatek MT1,3 Ghz dual-core is enough shows to perform the normal operations of every day, but, as mentioned, we reserve a few more days to make us a better idea. We have some reservations about the 512MB of RAM that could remove those who need a higher memory, the tests will tell us if the doubts are right or not.

JiaYu F1
The attention to detail is normal for a phone that still exceeds a certain price range, for a phone sold for about 70 € is a factor that creates amazement. At these prices, we believe it is impossible to find anything better!

JiaYu F1
La Full review of the JiaYu F1 will be published in the coming weeks. We thank again eJiaYu.it, official dealer for Italy of JiaYu products, for sending the sample and for the discount code GIZJIAYUIT that has reserved for all of you readers to purchase products on their store.