OnePlus One vs Nikon D3100 REFLEX - The PHOTOSFIDA

OnePlus One

There are more or less 48 hours left before the official presentation of the OnePlus One; Pete Lau's boys are completing the preparations for the event that will be held at the Beijing MasterCard Center, which is the best setting to unveil the "Flagship Killer" to the world?

That said, however, we do not want to steal more time, because the photos appeared on the OnePlus Forum are unbelievable. The user Martinrm, the same one who posted the 1 ° video sample in 4K resolution, has published a series of photo that compare the image quality of theOnePlus One, the Oppo Find 5 and the Reflex camera Nikon D3100!

So, for the record we report the photos of the Osso Find 5 because they were published on the Forum but, of course, what we are most interested in is the quality compared to the shots between OnePlus One and Nikon D3100. It is necessary to clarify some things and dispel some doubts that you will probably have by seeing the photos:

  • Are the photos taken from the same angle? Yes
  • At the same time of day? Yes
  • Are they set with HDR or filters? No
  • Has Flash been used? No
  • Has a tripod been used? No

OnePlus Forum

As we said the competitors of this challenge / photo-comparison are:

  1. OnePlus One: 13 mega-pixel F2.0 aperture
  2. Oppo Find 5: 13 mega-pixel F2.2 aperture
  3. Nikon D3100 DSLR 12.1Mp DSLR 18 / 55mm 1: 3.5-5.6G

I fields on which the 3 devices challenged each other are: 1) Bright light 2) Soft light 3) Back light 4) Low light 5) Very low light 6) Macro 7) Pattern 8) Depth of field 9) landscape. That said, let the challenge begin.

NB: From left to right, find OnePlus One, Nikon D3100 DSLR and then Oppo FInd 5.

1) Bright light

2) Soft light

3) Rear light

4) Low brightness

5) Very low brightness

6) Macro

7) Pattern

8) Depth of field

9) Landscape

The result of this comparison seems clear to us. We are curious to know what your thoughts are.