ONEPLUS ONE, here are the earphones! [Photo]

OnePlus earphones

While we are publishing this post, at the official presentation ofOnePlus One missing poco more than 5 days and 23 hours (so the clock / countdown of the page says

We had assured you that somehow the approach to the 23 April would always be warmer ... Well we were right, the news and photospia to emerge on the net are many. The latest in chronological order depicts the original OnePlus earphones!

While we were browsing through the intrigues of the network in search of new news to be supplied to our readers, we came across the photos of an original dedicated accessory of the OnePlus One, namely the earphones. Look at them well and think ...

iPhone earphones

OnePlus - earphones

Oh yes, the earphones of the OnePlus One remember not poco those ofiPhone. The line and the design are practically the same except for the microphone / controller (which you can see in the pictures below). In any case, replicas or not, they are actually beautiful!

OnePlus earphones

OnePlus earphones

Of headphones that like those of Apple precisely they will not be in-ear. In these cases we say "De gustibus"...

Actually, the image of a supposed OnePlus One would also have emerged. Voice immediately returned, a user on the Forum immediately made it clear that the phone appeared to be actually the 'Hi-id, whose correctness we bring the photo.

OnePlus One fake

Well guys, do you like earphones? Stay connected because we are sure of this new step hot news they will arrive soon!