OFFICIAL: Oppo Find 7a, international pre-orders have started

Oppo Find 7a

If you have resisted until now to order yours from China Oppo Find 7a you will not have to worry anymore because i have officially started pre-official orders for international markets.

The pre-orders for the Oppo Find 7a have officially started on Oppo Style, the official international retailer of Oppo phones and accessories. Find 7a will cost 499 $ /€399 and will come with a Navy Blue cover, a second battery and even a 32GB microSD! a deal…

Oppo FIND 7
Little remind: the Oppo Find 7a is the lite version of the new Oppo topgamma with display from 5.5 Full-HD Thumbs 1920 × 0180, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, 2GB RAM, camera from Sony 13 mega-pixel, removable battery, connectivity LTE 4G and expansion up to 128GB.

Oppo Find 7a
Do not waste time guys! This is the link of OppoStyle, here instead you find ours Complete Review dell'Oppo Find 7a.