Vivo Xplay 3S, the review by

Vivo Xplay 3S

After a few days of testing, the day has finally come when we will talk to you in detail about the Vivo Xplay 3S, the first smartphone in the world with 2K display of which we have already presented you a full focus on Funtouch OS ROM.

This is one of those cases where words (and images and videos) will fail to do justice to the elegance, power and reliability of a device like the Vivo Xplay 3S, but I will try to be as comprehensive as possible to make you aware of my extremely positive feelings of use.

Vivo Xplay 3S

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Vivo Xplay 3S, the review by

Characteristics of the Vivo Xplay 3S

Il Vivo Xplay 3S was launched a few months ago, but has only really been available on the market a few weeks ago. There are two versions of the Xplay 3S available, distinguished by a different allocation of RAM and internal memory (3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory on the version we tested and 2/16 on the “economic” versions).

Vivo Xplay 3S

Both versions are equipped with a 6-inch display with 2K 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution and an incredible 490PPI density.

But let's see the complete specifications of the Vivo Xplay 3S

Specifications of Vivo Xplay 3S

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Before continuing with the review (the video is at the end of the post) we review our video unboxing.

Vivo Xplay 3S, the unboxing of!

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Vivo Xplay 3S: Design

Vivo Xplay 3S

From a design point of view, the Vivo Xplay 3S is among the best looking and most solid devices I have ever tested. Everything is in the right place and above all the quality level of the materials is definitely superior even to that of smartphones of the most famous brands, or at least this is the sensation to the touch and in everyday use.

Vivo Xplay 3S

Very elegant is the rear body, treated in detail. Each element seems to have been created and positioned with extreme care, as well as the silver finish, a perfect match between these two metal stripes with a white plastic strip in the center. Even the grip is quite safe and the device is not heavy (just think that its weight is almost equal to that of the Oppo FIND 7, or a device with a smaller display) but I repeat, the ideal use is that with both hands.

Vivo Xplay 3S

The display is probably, together with the audio sector, the highlight of the Vivo Xplay 3S. The large 6-inch panel dominates the front of the device, "surrounded" by very narrow bezels and two other front sections reduced to a minimum. The secondary camera is also housed in the front, equipped with a 5 mega-pixel sensor, in addition of course to the brightness sensor and the proximity sensor.

Vivo Xplay 3S

In the back, made with a matte white finish, we find the 13 mega-pixel camera equipped with the incredible F1.8 aperture with autofocus and LED flash and immediately below the fingerprint scanner, with which, once set your security password and registered your fingerprint, you can, for example, unlock the phone or access its private area.

Vivo Xplay 3S unboxing by

The dimensions of the device, despite the thin bezels and the thickness of only 8,58 mm (overall dimensions 158 x 82,39 x 8,58 mm) are nevertheless generous. The fingerprint scanner is a feature that certainly facilitates some uses with one hand, as well as the aforementioned narrow bezels and the camber of the back that facilitates and improves the grip of the phone. However, the Vivo Xplay 3S is a smartphone to be used with two hands, whose dimensions could be a problem for those used to smaller devices.

At the center of the body we find the logo Vivo and always in the back two large system speakers, one at the top and the other at the bottom.

Vivo Xplay 3S unboxing by

Under the body we find the built-in battery, so not removable from 3200mAh, by the excellent autonomy (below I speak more specifically).

On the left side of the device we find both the power button and the volume keys

Vivo Xplay 3S

while on the right side the only input tray for the single micro SIM.

Vivo Xplay 3S

At the top the 3,5 mm jack for the earphones, while at the bottom, in addition to the main microphone, we find the plug-in for the microUSB (MTP and PTP).

Vivo Xplay 3S

Vivo Xplay 3S

Vivo Xplay 3S: 6-inch display with 2K resolution

Vivo Xplay 3S

As already widely anticipated, the Vivo Xplay 3S is the first smartphone in the world with a 2K display, that is the incredible resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels and density of 490ppi.

Already during the review of the Oppo FIND 7 I had the opportunity to stress that the 2k display is definitely the trend / fashion that will follow a bit 'all the major manufacturers of smartphones, questioning, however, the real need for a resolution so high.
Would not a FULLHD be enough?

Vivo Xplay 3S

Probably yes, a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels would have been more than enough for all uses, but that does not cancel the incredible experience of using the display of the Vivo Xplay 3S, a truly exceptional display, with excellent brightness and clarity. Despite the 6-inch diagonal, the panel is very detailed and the color rendering is incredible, with very deep whites and blacks and free of chromatic aberrations.

Very good sensor brightness, always very precise and fast in the management of the same in various lighting conditions. The readability of the display is excellent even in conditions of very strong light and, thanks to the IPS technology, the Xplay 3S enjoys an excellent viewing angle, which touches the 180 degrees.

I refer you to the video review, in which I show some test images.

The touch level is also excellent, but not at the same level as that of the Xiaomi Mi3 which by far is the device with the best touchscreen that in use really offers a feeling of extreme naturalness to the touch. The display of the Vivo However, XPlay 3S can be used with wet gloves and fingers.

Perfect multi-touch, no problem detected.

Vivo Xplay 3S: performance and benchmark

Vivo Xplay 3S Antutu X benchmarks

Benchmark tests performed on the Vivo Xplay 3S confirm, numerically, the good things we read in the device specifications sheet. The only note is the difference in score between Antutu and Antutu X, or the version of Antutu that bypasses any attempts at cheating by some Chinese companies. The second score was about 4000 points lower, or about 32.775 points. However, a very respectable score.

Vivo Vellamo benchmark Xplay 3S

Vivo Xplay 3S Quadrant benchmark

  • Vivo Xplay 3S: Antutu Benchmark - 37.109 points
  • Vivo Xplay 3S: Antutu X benchmark - 32.775 points
  • Vivo Xplay 3S: Benchmark Quadrant - 21.614 points
  • Vivo Xplay 3S: Benchmark Epic Citadel - 62,1 fps
  • Vivo Xplay 3S: Benchmark 3D Mark - Ice Storm Unlimited - 20.025 points
  • Vivo Xplay 3S: Benchmark Vellamo HTML 5 - 3.019 points
  • Vivo Xplay 3S: Benchmark Vellamo METAL - 1.192 points

Vivo Xplay 3S - Dead Trigger 2 gaming test

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Vivo Xplay 3S: Telephone part and 3G navigation

Telephone reception of the Vivo Xplay 3S is excellent, at the same level as that of the Oppo FIND 7. The audio on call in the ear capsule is also very good and excellent with active speaker.

Vivo Xplay 3S: GPS navigation

No relief on the GPS of the Vivo Xplay 3S: extremely performing and it was not necessary to perform any fixes before using it. Precise signal and always stable navigation, but on devices of this level this shouldn't surprise us.

Vivo Xplay 3S: WiFi and Bluetooth

Also absolutely perfect WiFi and Bluetooth. Excellent WiFi reception with stable and powerful signal even if you move away a few meters from the router; Perfect coupling of Bluetooth with other devices and stable transmission of files. The bluetooth, moreover, has been tested, as in the other cases, with the apparatus installed on my car.

Vivo Xplay 3S: Camera quality

Of the photographic skills of the Vivo Xplay 3S I am partially satisfied. This is because if on the one hand the photos in good lighting conditions are definitely excellent, those taken "night time" are not up to the device. This surprised me especially in consideration of the F / 1.8 aperture of which the 13 mega-pixel rear camera of the Vivo Xplay 3S is equipped.

As usual you can download the original resolution photo here.

Here are some examples:

Automatic Photo Mode

HDR Photo Mode /Automatica

Photo made with Vivo Xplay 3S

Panorama Photo Mode

Photo made with Vivo Xplay 3S

Photos taken with active LED flash

Photo made with Vivo Xplay 3S

Night mode 

The Camera App of Vivo Xplay 3S is also equipped with a professional shooting mode, with a menu accessible by swiping the shutter button of the same.

Vivo Xplay 3S Camera Pro

In this professional shooting mode you can manually set all the main parameters related to photography. An option that will surely be appreciated by photography lovers.

In general the XplayXSX camera is really excellent during the day, but a bit disappointing in low light conditions. Not that the shots are not good, but there is a big difference in quality between those made during the day and those in the evening / night. You can see it with yours today. On some photos the level of detail is incredible.

However, I recommend that you download the original resolution samples linked in the previous lines, so that you can look at the quality of the shots with your own eyes, especially that of the macros which are really excellent.

As for the video part, the Xplay 3S plays all the most popular video formats, including divx and mkv, with excellent audio and bitrate. In the video review posted below it is possible to observe a reproduction test, in which you can also listen to a proof of the quality of the audio sector of the Vivo Xplay 3S, equipped with a dedicated advanced audio chip, the ES9018 DTS Stereo 7.1, and an OPA2604 professional amplifier.

Vivo Xplay 3S - 1080p Video Test

Vivo Xplay 3S: Battery

As I mentioned in the introduction, the battery of the Vivo Xplay 3S has excellent autonomy. Considering the equipment of the 6-inch display with 2K resolution and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset, (therefore a hardware configuration to say the poco implicitly energy-intensive), to say the least poco amazed by the test results.

From this point of view, an applause certainly goes to Vivo for software optimization of resources, because the battery life of the device is truly excellent. It is possible to arrive safely until the evening on a day of intense use (departed from about 8.30).

As we have seen in the focus on the FunTouch OS, among the various energy saving settings there is also a feature that allows us to set the CPU mode (CPU mode), and exactly two options are available, a Balanced, more energy-saving, and the other Topspeed, therefore high-performance.

What struck me most was that I never needed to switch to Topspeed mode, even in the gaming tests I ran. The Vivo XPlay 3S has in fact always responded very well even being in balanced mode (the gaming video test posted below was performed with the balanced mode active).

Among the various tests of the battery I verified the consumption of the same listening to music from YouTube, with WiFi enabled. Thus, the following elements were included in the test:

  1. WiFi connectivity;
  2. video playback;
  3. audio playback.

A condition, therefore, of natural energy expenditure, in which the Vivo XPlay 3S gave very good results, with a battery consumption of only 9% in 75 minutes.

Vivo Xplay 3S, the complete review of

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Vivo Xplay 3S: Final thoughts

In conclusion, I can only say that I am absolutely satisfied with the Vivo Xplay 3S, or from what is a multimedia device tout court. The biggest limitation of the telephone is perhaps just to be defined simply phone, because, albeit ugly in the diction, it is more suitable "portable multimedia device" or "pocket Hi-Fi system".

I probably wouldn't buy the Vivo Xplay 3S due to its “too generous” dimensions, but this is an absolutely personal opinion, that is that of a lover of devices with a decidedly smaller size. However, the exceptional quality, reliability and power of the phone almost convinced me and this perhaps gives you a better understanding of what kind of device we are talking about.

The price of Vivo Xplay 3S might seem tall, but you just need to make a simple reflection to understand that, in fact, it is not: an identical device (with the same style, design and hardware) but with the Samsung brand embossed on the back would surely sell for around 200. euro more. Don't you think?

9,5 the vote assigned to Vivo Xplay 3S.

Thank you again for sending us the Vivo Xplay 3S, but also for having reserved for you readers a discount on all the products in the store, usable through the code GIZTOP!