Comparative: JiaYu F1 against all, the best economic device in Italy

JiaYu F1 against everyone

Today we offer a comparison of low-cost smartphones that can be purchased in our country. As our regular readers well know, Chinese technology is full of cheap devices, which offer acceptable performance at very low prices.

The advent of these products in our country, which took place thanks to the official retailers that are increasing more and more, has brought a breath of fresh air to the “local” smartphone offer, especially in the category of economic devices.

JiaYu F1 against all, the best economic device in Italy

To carry out this comparison, we went to the main chains that sell consumer electronics in Italy, in search of the most widespread economic devices. The selected devices will challenge the JiaYu F1, the cheap Chinese Android smartphone that we have reviewed for you, sold in our country since Official JiaYu dealer To make a fair comparison, we have met the following criteria:

  • Smartphones are sold in the main chains;
  • The prices we have selected are the lowest available online (from notoriously reputable shops);
  • Prices refer to devices with Italian 24 month warranty;
  • The selected smartphones all have a price similar to that of the JiaYu F1 (69 euro);

With this background, the devices in this comparison are likely to cost even more in store, but considering that the JiaYu F1 is sold online the comparison would not have been fair, so we selected the best online prices available on known stores.

An increase of 20 / 30 euro on a total price of 69 euro would be excessive, since it is close to 35 / 40% of the total price, so the selected devices are direct competitors of JiaYu F1, sold online at a similar price.

Comparative: JiaYu F1 against all

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The data speak clearly, the JiaYu F1 eliminates any possible competitor almost immediately. The only device that hardly holds the comparison is the Alcatel POP C3, the European name of the Chinese company TCL. From the point of view of the display, the processor, the camera and the battery, the other devices do not stand comparison, characterized by a decidedly lower quality / price ratio.

The widespread habit in our country is to continue to propose old and inadequate devices, relying on the lack of knowledge of buyers, marketing and "promotions". The intent of this article was to inform readers of the possibility of giving value to their money, choosing an appropriate device that is much higher than the average of the products sold in Italy.

Chinese technology offers increasingly valid alternatives on every price range, offering a huge variety of products. To inform you well about this huge market, which is slowly becoming a reality also in Italy, follow us here as always on!