Storedot batteries for smartphones with charging in less than a minute!

Storedot battery

While technologies for smartphones and computers continue to grow at great speed, the technologies dedicated to batteries have remained far behind. Although there have been some small improvements, the growing energy needs of our mobile devices have been entrusted to larger batteries or simple energy-saving methods, which often require a performance sacrifice.

It is now clear that we need a totally new approach. Several companies are trying to develop new technologies to power our devices, but the most promising are those based on biological energy. Among these, the most interesting seems that of the company StoreDot with ultra fast charging.

This technology, like most of the technologies that StoreDot is working on, is based on the use of nanotechnologies, in particular on the use of peptide molecules with a diameter of 2 nanometers.

StoreDot hopes that these nanotechnologies will be used in various fields, such as the making of LED TVs, but the most promising field seems to be that of batteries.

StoreDot has created a prototype battery that can be connected to the Samsung Galaxy S4 which, although it has a reduced capacity, can be recharged in less than a minute. In the video below we see the device from 27% to 100% in about 30 seconds.

Storedot batteries for smartphones with charging in less than a minute!

As you can imagine, there are still several difficulties to overcome before a possible commercialization. At the moment, the battery created by StoreDot is much bigger than the smartphone itself. In addition, this battery prototype needs a charger twice as big and twice as expensive as the common ones we use to date, as well as needing some changes to the smartphone itself.

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StoreDot has a lot of time to solve all these problems, considering that the commercial launch of this product is not expected until 2016, but if the company were able to solve problems faster, we could see our devices powered by biological batteries before yet to notice it!