Xiaomi Redmi Notes: The first review in China

Xiaomi Redmi Notes

We present you one of the first reviews in the world of the new Xiaomi Redmi Note, which is not yet officially on the market. The review was made from the digi.ifeng.com site, and refers to the Chinese version of the newest Xiaomi home smartphone.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes

Xiaomi Redmi NotesThe smartphone is the successor to the well-known Hongmi / Redmi series of Chinese Xiaomi giant, and is strikingly in the war at the lowest price, which is pushing all the major Chinese companies.

Compared to the previous model, the new Redmi Note will offer much more performing hardware, with a 5.5-inch HD display, MediaTek octacore processor up to 1.7GHz, up to 2GB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory and 3200mAh battery.

Xiaomi Redmi Note - Design

On the front, the smartphone remembers its predecessor with rounded edges, black body, and three function keys on the chin. The keys retained the characteristic red color, but the "Home" key has assumed the shape of a rounded quadrant. All three buttons are backlit.

Xiaomi Redmi NotesOn the front of the device we find, in addition to the large display, the brightness sensor and a camera from 5 mega-pixel, suitable for all fans of self-portraits.

Xiaomi Redmi NotesThe back of the tested device is white, and covered with a smooth paint. The company's designers have worked to make the product comfortable and aerodynamic, also considering the generous dimensions of the display.

Xiaomi Redmi NotesOn the back of the device, which takes the form of a rounded rectangle, we find the rear camera from 13 mega-pixel, the LED flash, the classic company logo and the hole for the system speaker.

Xiaomi Redmi NotesThe speaker is covered with five rows of holes, which should ensure good sound diffusion.

The design of this new smartphone is sure to be cured, but it still remembers its predecessor, both for the lines and materials used for the back cover. The sample used for this review mounts a battery from 3100mAh, which occupies much of the back of the smartphone. In the battery compartment there is also a micro SD card slot, and two SIM card slots (that we remember currently support only Chinese networks). Given the tendency of companies to employ the various micro SIM or nano SIMs, the company's choice of using two traditional SIM slots might seem strange, but it is certainly not a limiting flaw.

Xiaomi Redmi NotesOn the right side of the smartphone there are the three physical keys for unlocking / powering and volume. The buttons are pleasing to the touch, and give a feeling of solidity.

Xiaomi Redmi NotesOn the top of the device there is the headphone jack from 3.5mm, while on the bottom there is the micro USB connector.

Xiaomi Redmi NotesOverall, the design of the new Redmi Note is pleasing and cautious, although forms already seen on the predecessor could have borne users.

Xiaomi Redmi Note - Display

The Xiaomi Redmi Note display is a 5.5-inch panel, considerably larger than its predecessor's display. Also in terms of quality this new Hongmi represents an improvement, offering a more performing touchscreen and an improved touch sensation.

Xiaomi Redmi NotesThe Xiami Redmi Notes maintains the HD 720p resolution, which, although not the top available on the market, is more than justified by the price of 799 Yuan (93 Euro at the current exchange rate).

The overall performance and colors of this display are satisfactory, and IPS technology allows excellent viewing angles.

The smartphone display is a substantial improvement over the previous model, and is definitely in line with the sale price.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes - Performance

The use of the MediaTek octacore chipset represents a substantial improvement for the Hongmi / Redrice series, and the use of 2GB of RAM offers a noticeable increase in performance. Below you will find the Antutu and Vellamo benchmarks.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes

Xiaomi Redmi Notes

The performance of the device is therefore remarkable, and even impressive when compared to the sale price. The MediaTek octacore processor brings this smartphone to a category far superior to its predecessor, providing computing and graphics power for even the heaviest applications and video games.

The smartphone battery has a good battery life, thanks to the resolution of the display. Even with intense use of the smartphone, you will not be overwhelmed by the day of use.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes - MIUI ROM

The Xiaomi Redmi Note confirms once again the excellent user experience offered by MIUI ROM.

Xiaomi Redmi NotesThe fluidity of the MIUI system is excellent as usual, and all operations take place without waiting or lag. The generously sized display does not change the user experience, which therefore does not seem to be optimized for the 5.5 inches. This does not mean that there is a decline in performance, but that the user experience is virtually unchanged compared to the other smartphones of the company.

The Xiaomi cloud system once again offers a satisfactory user experience, allowing the use of many services with a single account.

Xiaomi Redmi NotesWith all the possible customizations, and with the various settings for the user's security, MIUI reconfirms a solid and functional ROM.

Xiaomi Redmi NotesThe Xiomi Redmi Note is therefore a good step forward from the past, offering high performance hardware at a very competitive price. The MIUI is also the usual certainty on the software platform, and is a strong point for almost all competing companies. Below you will find the benefits and defects of the device.


  • Very low price (starting from 93 euro at current exchange, slightly higher for 2GB version of RAM)
  • High performance thanks to the octa-core processor
  • Large display and clearly superior to the previous model
  • Excellent user experience


  • Lack of innovation in design
  • System not optimized for large screen

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