NEWS: Xiaomi TV 2 ° generation, 55 inches and 351 price €

Xiaomi TV

Indiscretions from Taiwan claim that the Xiaomi TV of 2 ° generation could measure 55 inches and have a price around the 2999 ¥ (about 351 €).

In the info it is reported that Xiaomi would have initially tested displays made by LG and Samsung with dimensions of 47-49 inches but finally choosing a panel from 55 inches. In the Xiaomi house the hypothesis of a TV with 4K resolution (or SuperHD) would have been discussed, but it seems that at least for the moment there is no concrete project in this regard.

The price should be around ¥ 2999 (about € 351). No word of the technical specifications but it is highly likely that a Qualcomm processor will power the 2nd generation Xiaomi TV.

Unfortunately we are still waiting for a software translation of the Xiaomi first-generation TV and for this reason we have not published a complete review of the apparatus.
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