Vido M3C, a “Cheap & Chic” IPad Mini-clone for only 82 €

I see M3C

Often our articles, you may have noticed, are more focused on mobile devices.

Small-sized smartphones, Big-phones, 8-cores, 4G LTE ... are phones, sorry, smart phones, those that necessarily take up more space in our small ecosystem. But it is not our editorial choice, the tablet market Chinese, but in this case not even the "mainstream" one makes a difference, is significantly less dynamic than that of smartphones.

The industry of the Chinese tablets moreover, with the exception of the most famous national brands (ex. Huawei) or for some smaller ones we have known slowly on our journey (ex. Cube), have never shown particular inventiveness and creativity. They are always limited to producing clones of the most popular devices. Now of poor quality, now better ... but still clones. looking Thu you will notice!

I see M3C
Il I see M3CThe last tablet of the small Chinese company Vido, is no exception: the distinction is more than anything else in the attention to detail that the team has disegner place in the design phase. The new tablet Vido is clearly inspired by the mini tablet from Apple and from this resumes the dimensions: Vido M3C is a 7.85 inch IPS with resolution 1024 × 768. A tablet with a double camera, front from 0.3 mega-pixels and back from 5 mega-pixels, and especially 3G connectivity sold [this is the good of it!] just 699 ¥ (about 82 €).

I see M3CThe M3C Vido uses the processor quad-core Mediatek MT8382 from 1,3 Ghz flanked by 1GB RAM e 16GB storage expandable with SDcard up to 32GB. As with a good slice of Chinese tablets, dual-SIM support is also present (GSM and WCDMA) Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and even USB OTG. The operating system executed is the 4.2.2 version of Android. The battery instead is a full-bodied unit from 4000 mAh, enough to not be almost never dry energy.

I see M3C
The design is captivating, the specifications are more than fair, the price is strongly competitive ...we find no reason not to buy it!

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