THE CHALLENGE: Xiaomi Redmi Notes vs TCL Meme Da. Who will win?

CHALLENGE - Xiaomi Redmi Note vs TCL Meme Da

TCL launched its glove to challenge Xiaomi and her Redmi Note officially presenting its powerful TCL Meme Yes. In this episode of "The challenge", We see how the new TCL phablet behaves in the presence of the great Xiaomi Redmi Notes.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes

In this episode we will compare the two low-cost phablets released by Xiaomi and TCL since their selling price is similar in China. In terms of specifications, the Xiaomi Redmi Note boasts a 5.5-inch HD 1280 × 720 display, 6592 Ghz 8-core Mediatek MT1,4 processor, 1GB of RAM, 13 mega-pixel camera and 3200 mAh battery.

Xiaomi Redmi Notes
As you can see from the pictures and pictures in this Review, the Redmi Note is a great phone, with not very thin frames and a fairly wide body.

TCL Meme Yes

The TCL Meme Da enjoys the same Mediatek MT6592 8-core processor from 1,4 Ghz, the same amount of RAM, dual-SIM support and expansion with microSD. However, while scrutinizing this new TCL Meme Da we also find a slightly more important battery from 3200 mAh, a front sensor from 8 mega-pixel and a back from 13 mega-pixel with F2.0 opening and Macro Mode, both signed by Sony. But it is not over here ...

TCL Meme Yes
TCL has entered in its TCL Meme From the new system Mediatek HotKnot which is similar to NFC technology and allows faster file transfer from one HotKnot device to another. The following video shows the features of the new Mediatek system. Godevetelo!

Mediatek HotKnot - Demo Video

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THE CHALLENGE: Xiaomi Redmi Notes vs TCL Meme Da

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THE CHALLENGE: Xiaomi Redmi Notes vs TCL Meme Da

Our only concern at the moment is that both devices are only available in China. When will they be launched on the international market, which one of them will you choose? The TCL Meme From or the Xiaomi Redmi Notes? Let us know in the comments section below!
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