Meizu MX3 arrives in France, but some questions remain

Meizu MX3 review Italian

Yesterday there was an official announcement of the entry of Meizu in the French market (the word "launch" is not, in fact, the right one), but very important issues remain pending.

At the Paris event, Meizu announced that the Meizu MX3 in France will be sold at prices ranging from 449 to 549 euro, depending on the option of internal memory chosen. Compared to the prices charged by Meizu in China, where the MX3 16GB is sold for only 235 euro, perhaps these quotes are a bit 'too high.

Moreover, these prices are very high also because the MX3 does not have that characteristic of which, at present, a TOP RANGE should be equipped. LG, Apple and Sony, for example, have launched a smartphone with 4G LTE support, but when will the MX4 be launched by Meizu?

What is not completely clear, inter alia, is with "who" is collaborating Meizu in France for this official launch, unlike the national situation, where it was clear from the beginning the partnership with

Therefore, Italy will be the next country where we will officially launch Meizu products, most likely followed by Spain.
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