GooPhone M8, the clone of the new HTC M8 is already a reality!

GooPhone M8

The leader in the field of clones (provided that this can be considered a compliment), GooPhone, is back again to the attention of the media thanks to the clone of the All new HTC One (M8), the GooPhone M8.

The peculiarity this time is in the fact that GooPhone has already on sale a device that currently has not even been presented. A clone of HTC M8 before the real one is unveiled!

Looking at it better this new GooPhone M8 is plus a replica of the HTC One that from the All new HTC One, the name GooPhone M8 will probably be used to recreate a connection with the device of the Taiwanese house in the next exit.

As expected, the M8 GooPhone is powered by a processor Mediatek MT6592 8-core from 1,7 Ghz, display from 5 Full-HD Thumbs × 1920 1080, 1GB RAM and operating system 4.2 Android Jelly Bean. To complete the details we find 16GB storage, expansion with SDcard, dual SIM support, rear camera from 13 mega-pixels and front by 5 mega-pixels.

The M8 GooPhone is currently available on the web page of the company at the price of 229.99 $ (about 167 €).
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