PHOTOSPIA: spotted Xiaomi Mi3 Gold and Xiaomi MiTV "Red"

Xiaomi MI3 Gold -Xiaomi MiTV Red

Xiaomi is preparing new versions of its flagship devices: the new version of the Xiaomi Mi3 Gold and its most popular Xiaomi MiTV in red!

With April now at the door and the Xiaomi festival a few weeks away, the rumors and spy images are literally multiplying on the network. Many of these leaks, often and willingly, must be taken with the pliers ... other times instead they prove to be highly reliable!

The latest news comes from Xiaomi itself and shows a Xiaomi MI3 in Gold version in front of the famous Xiaomi MiTV intelligent in red. That of making their devices in different colors for, for example, making them available in limited edition is practically quite common, although these two versions, we hope, will not be the only ones to be made by the Pekingese house. We frankly want to see the Xiaomi MiTV of 2 generation, but above all the upgrade of the Xiaomi MI3, the Mi3S!
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