EXCLUSIVE: JiaYu G2F dual-sim lowcost, our unboxing

JiaYu G2F

In recent weeks, the Chinese Android smartphone market is in great turmoil and it is especially that of devices that fall into the category of mid-range, as the JiaYu G2F.

Thanks to the official Italian dealer of JiaYu products, eJiaYu.it, today we have the opportunity to show you an exclusive unboxing of the JiaYu G2F, a highly anticipated low-cost smartphone, which will soon be available also in the WCDMA version.

JiaYu G2F

What we will see in today's unboxing, in fact, is the first version launched on the market by JiaYu exclusively for the Chinese market, with only support for networks TD-SCDMA. This version does not have support for the European 3G networks, but the good news is that a version compatible with our networks will soon be launched.

In light of this, you're probably wondering why we decided to review a first compatibility device with our 3G networks. Well, the idea is to still make a preview overview on the device that in the WCDMA version, except for the connectivity and for the resolution of the display, will be practically identical to this sample.

JiaYu G2F

Obviously, in the full review, which will be published in the coming weeks, it will not be possible to discuss 3G connectivity, but it will instead be possible to examine all the other aspects related to the JiaYu G2F.

JiaYu G2F Specifications (TD-SCDMA & WCDMA)

Looking at the specific sheet of the JiaYu G2F what immediately catches the eye is definitely the battery from well 2200 mAh, a battery with a capacity even higher than some installed on devices with fullhd display and octacore chipset and, therefore, implicitly more energivores. So, most likely the JiaYu G2F will be equipped with an above-average autonomy, which will surely please those who need a smartphone that mainly lends itself to this point of view.
The G2F also has an excellent display (OGS and IPS) from 4.3 inches with resolution HD 1280 x 720 pixel, but unfortunately, unless changes last Jiayu time, the WCDMA version will be equipped with a display with resolution 854 × 480 pixels, which is still an excellent resolution for a panel of this size.

Full specifications of the JiaYu G2F (TD-SCDMA)

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Full specifications of the JiaYu G2F (WCDMA)

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JiaYu G2F - Video Unboxing & Hands-On

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The JiaYu G2F, besides remembering in design the "big brother" JiaYu S1, also recalls the shapes of the Xiaomi MI2 and, even from the first impressions the build quality seems of equal level, something quite incredible considering the price of the device.

JiaYu G2F

The sharpness and brightness of the display looks really excellent, as well as the fluidity of the touch. No uncertainty and no stumbling. The installed ROM is the LEWA OS, based on Android 4.2.2 jolly bean, a ROM well known in China, definitely inspired by MIUI V5, and, in general, so interesting that we would like to see it more developed for other devices and, perhaps, even with support for the Italian language.

JiaYu G2F - First impressions

The mix of great design, excellent build quality, good specifications and reduced price is something that makes me lean towards a very positive preliminary judgment towards the JiaYu G2F.

JiaYu G2F

The attention to detail is something that JiaYu has accustomed us to, but seeing the same attention to a low-cost device is quite surprising and, above all, it is something that is not for everyone. So applause goes to JiaYu, a company that is taking small steps towards definitive consecration.

The full review of the JiaYu G2F will be published in the coming weeks. We thank again eJiaYu.it, official dealer for Italy of JiaYu products, for sending the sample and for the discount code GIZJIAYUIT that has reserved for all of you readers for the purchase of products on its store.

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