SURVEY: What is the JiaYu smartphone you are waiting for?

jiayu survey

It's time for launches and new releases and JiaYu in recent weeks has announced the arrival on the market of several of its new smartphones: the low-cost JiaYu F1, the two Chinese Android smartphones of the mid-range G2F e G4C and a welcome return for JiaYu fans, but with MT6582 quad-core chipsets, JiaYu G3C.

In addition, the company recently announced the release of updated versions with octacore chipset Mediatek of the two previous models JiaYu G4 and JiaYu G5, which, as usual, will be renamed with the classic "S" in JiaYu G4S and JiaYu G5S.

With all these new launches for all tastes and budgets, and with the kind friends of that have made themselves available to send us a sample, we are a bit 'in difficulty in choosing which JiaYu smartphone to review first and, therefore, we decided to engage you readers in the decision!

So, which JiaYu smartphone are you most looking forward to?

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In addition to choosing which smartphone you prefer to see first, let us know in the comments section also the "why" of your choice!
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