[OFFICIAL] Announced the OnePlus One processor!


After the countless information circulated in recent days on the highly anticipated smartphone OnePlus One, comes directly from the company confirmation on the processor used!

Pete Lau, the CEO of OnePlus, has indeed announced through the official forum that the smartphone will mount the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 800! Through the post on the official forum we are also aware of the fact that the company has tested every possible alternative before choosing the processor to use, and that the choice of engineers, builders, and staff in general has fallen on Snapdragon 800 which, in addition to offering great power and low power consumption, is already available on the market for some time, and will allow the company to market its top of the range relatively quickly.

It is from the same Pete Lau that we also learn that the processor will have a clock of 2.3GHz, and that the smartphone will support connectivity LTE 4G.

The company 's choice seems to us to be very apt, as the chip of the Qualcomm it guarantees a power that is absolutely adequate for every type of operation, and probably superior to any computational necessity.

Here is the original post:

A lot of you have been wondering about the specs of the OnePlus One - some of you are even questioning if it actually exists! I want to assure you it does, and tell you a little about the CPU we've chosen.

Reading through the forums and our social media, there are differing opinions from you when it comes to which components make up the perfect smartphone. But when it comes to the processor, you overwhelmingly prefer to Qualcomm chip. I agree, my engineers agree, and we have chosen the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, a 2.3 GHz quad-core chipset with 4G connectivity and an excellent performance / power consumption ratio.

CPU to choose. We are looking forward to seeing the future of the market. It will be fast, run smoothly, run multiple programs without fear of lagging or crashing, and still offer great battery performance.

We spent countless hours trying out the latest CPUs. Ultimately, it was clear that the Snapdragon 800 provided the best speed, battery consumption and heat management. It also allows us to get our product faster. Six months later. We did not want to announce our product.

Are there newer CPUs on the market? A not marketing benefit while not providing any noticeable change in performance. But 'Never Settle' does not mean we like it. We're completely confident that this is the best overall experience and performance on time for Q2.

Let us know what you think of this choice in the comments, and get ready for all the news that the team OnePlus reserve us in the next few weeks!
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