TUTORIAL: How to root the Zopo ZP998 octacore

If you have not already managed to root the Zopo ZP998 and are worried because the operation seems very complicated, then this simple one-click root is what you've been waiting for! Read on to find out how to root the Zopo Zp998.

Thanks to ColonelZap we'll see how to get root permissions on the Zopo ZP998 in a very simple way!


The execution of this procedure must be carried out with great caution. The author of the post declines all responsibility for any problems caused to the device.

How to root the Zopo ZP998

Follow these simple steps to root your Android smartphone Zopo ZP998 octacore.

1. Download the VRoot software from here. When first started, VRoot will update automatically; wait for the 2. completion of the operation.
2. With the phone switched on and USB debugging enabled, connect the Zopo ZP998 to the PC via a micro USB cable.
3. If the phone is not recognized, then you will have to install the universal drivers, following the guide in this post.

How to root the Zopo ZP998 octacore

Once in VRoot and with the phone always connected to the PC, press the green button to start the ROOT process (it may take about 2 minutes).

How to root the Zopo ZP998 octacore

If the procedure is successful, a blue screen will appear (image above), with a checkmark indicating the correct execution of the Root on your phone.
Already done?? Yes! You have just rooted your Zopo Zp998 octacore!
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