EPIC FAIL: Quechua-phone “dies” during a test with CEO Archos

Archos Quechua

In a real comedy situation, a certified Archos smartphone IP54 he made a figure particolare during a demo test carried out by the CEO of Archos. A EPIC FAIL resounding!

IP54 certified devices are protected against splashes of water but they are not water resistant (by immersion so to speak ...) like those with certification IP67. Well that's what the CEO of Archos Loic Poirier seems not to have understood to the end.

Archos Quechua from 5 inch - EPIC FAIL Video


The Archos Quechua 5 ”complies with IP54 certification standards. Developed to withstand the most demanding conditions. Designed to withstand splashing water from all directions and the harmful effects of sand and dust.

The Archos Quechua in the video is dropped from about 1 meter in height and then finished in a jug full of water. The result is not the best, the figure of the executive Archos Poirier is even worse!

The Archos devices of the Quechua series are famous for being sturdy and durable. The only advice we feel we can give is to read the features better ...
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