GooPhone N3 Mini Dual - Sim, a "restricted" clone of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

GooPhone N3 Mini

GooPhone took its own popular GooPhone N3 8-core and reduced it to create a more affordable 5 Dual-Sims, the GooPhone N3 Mini Dual - Sim.

Certainly calling a device from 5 "Mini" inches will probably not be appropriate although the market trend is that, it is in fact the devices with increasingly large dimensions to invade and conquer the market. Rather than maintaining the same specifications, GooPhone for its GooPhone N3 Mini Dual - Sim decided to retouch the hardware with the intent of containing the price to 159.99 $ (about 117 €). The price is obviously related to the purchase from China.

The display of the GooPhone N3 Mini it's a panel from 5 HD inches 1280 × 720, the processor is obviously not an 8-core but a more modest one quad-core Mediatek MT6582, it is present only 1GB RAM, 4GB storage storage and finally the camera is a drive from 8 mega-pixels. For 117 € it's not bad!
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