The GizChina ROM will not invalidate the warranty of the devices purchased on!

GizRom - GizChina Porting Rom

Installing a new Moddata ROM on your Chinese Android phone is a procedure that, in the event of future problems, could cause the loss of the manufacturer's warranty.

In this regard, many users have expressed concerns and uncertainties and, for this reason, have hesitated in the installation of our GIZCHINA ROM by Marsapa. The great news today is that, in view of the increasingly open and fruitful collaboration with our site, has decided to extend the warranty to those devices that, of course purchased on their store, mount one of our Moddate ROM.

The only constraint to respect will be to install one GIZCHINA ROM stock base and, therefore, not ROMs based on porting of other OS (eg MIUI V5). Although still “partial”, that of Zopo Italia is a great gesture of openness towards the world of Android Modding, to which, implicitly, the merit of contributing to the development of Chinese telephony is recognized.

That said, what are you waiting for to install your first one? GIZCHINA ROM on your Zopo phone?