EXCLUSIVE: JiaYu G2F dual-sim, Unboxing and First impressions

JiaYu G2F

The team of GizChina in the figure of Andi has managed to get closer to the new JiaYu G2F and in this post gives us a first taste.

Il JiaYu G2F it was announced only a few months ago by the company but only in the TD-SCDMA version, therefore only for Chinese users, although the release of a WCDMA version for international customers has also been promised.

The JiaYu G2F is sold in China for 499 ¥ only (about 60 €). Specifications include processor quad-core Mediatek MT6582 by 1,3 Ghz, 1GB RAM, 4GB of internal memory, display IPS from 4.3 in HD 1280 × 720, rear camera from 8 mega-pixels and front by 2 mega-pixels.

JiaYu G2F
The "small" G2F is also equipped with dual-sim support, memory expansion with SDcard up to 64GB and aimpressive (given the size eh!) battery from 2200 mAh.

JiaYu G2F - Video Unboxing & Hands-On

As you can see on video, the JiaYu G2F is very reminiscent of the Xiaomi MI2 for design and, to feel, Andi of GizChina.com has sworn to us that the build quality is on par. If you consider the price at which the JiaYu G2F is offered, it is almost unbelievable!

However, it is not just the design and the constructive quality that rises from the price range offered, but also the display has been a pleasant surprise, offering large viewing angles and excellent responsiveness.

We also liked the ROM installed by JiaYu on this JiaYu G2F. Based on the Android stock 4.2.2, Yunos it's a custom ROM strongly inspired by MIUI of Xiaomi which is slowly starting to conquer more and more users in China. Considering and considering the Cloud services offered and the YunOs language it is a Custom ROM obviously destined for the Chinese market although the presence of the English language makes it usable practically anywhere (of course you need to know English ...).

JiaYu G2F - Photo-Gallery

JiaYu G2F - First impressions

Honestly it is very difficult not to be fascinated by this JiaYu G2F, a small device design, specifications and attention to detail that we think we have never seen on a smartphone in this price range. The design is well designed, the hardware is very good and offers fair performance, the battery is the same as that of the devices that cost twice (iNew V3 for example) and even the YunOs ROM is really a pleasant surprise!

We know that once on the international markets the price of this JiaYu G2F will rise from the current 60 € up to the 75 € -80 €, but OBJECTIVELY at that price would still be a great deal!
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