EXCLUSIVE: GooPhone N3 8-core, Unboxing and Hands-on video

GooPhone N3 8-core

Probably you've already heard of it, Andi in this new video gives him a first general look: it's the GooPhone N3 8-core, the best (we do not want the other manufacturers ...) clone of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

In the last 2 years GooPhone has gained more and more notoriety thanks to the creation of clones of the most popular smartphones signed by Apple or Samsung. Tend this practice, although completely legal, is not frowned upon, a little because a copy itself loses authenticity, a little because it could give the appearance of lack of creativity ... Despite this, however, the ability to grab an identical phone at an extremely lower price it is something that many do not miss.

GooPhone N3 8-core

The demand for clones does not seem to be diminished, indeed. The difference in quality that, until some time ago, characterized these devices, has been gradually reduced.

GooPhone N3 8-core - Specifications

The GooPhone N3 8-core is not a new device, rather it is an update of the various 3 Notes wannabe emerged at the end of the 2013. The specifications are in fact the same of the very first specimens of clones of the Note 3, except for the processor, which in this case is the Mediatek MT6592 8-core by 1,7 Ghz.

The rest of the specifications are as follows.

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GooPhone N3 8-core - Video Unboxing & Hands-on

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In the next days we will present the Full Review ... in the meantime you can take a ride on the site GooPhone, where currently the GooPhone N3 8-core is sold for 239,99 $ (approx €176).
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