VIDEO: iOcean X7 HD unboxing and first impressions

VIDEO: iOcean X7 HD unboxing and first impressions

As we have already pointed out in the post of unboxing dell'iNew V3, in parallel to that dell'octacore, in the field of mobile phone is currently underway another battle, which is the battle of mid-range smartphones low-cost.

No company producing Chinese Android phones seems to want to give up the participation in this battle, as well as iOcean which, with its iOcean X7HD, launches into the fray with a device of design and lines already known.

VIDEO: iOcean X7 HD unboxing and first impressions

Thanks to friends of today we will see the unboxing of the iOcean X7 HD, awaiting the full review that will be published in the coming weeks. We remind you that It also offers an exclusive discount to all our readers on all the products present in your store, which can be used through the code GIZIOCEANIT.

Specifications of theiOcean X7HD

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Unboxing video ofiOcean X7HD

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iOcean X7HD: first impressions

VIDEO: iOcean X7 HD unboxing and first impressions

For the realization of the X7 HD, iOcean used the body of the current TOP GAMMA X7. It will be easy to guess, therefore, that the construction quality of the device is equal to that of the "big brother", albeit with a low-cost heart, represented by the Mediatek quad-core MT6582 chipset by 1.3Ghz.

VIDEO: iOcean X7 HD unboxing and first impressions

The quality of iOcean productions is something already known by all international fans, but nevertheless remains a question mark on the keeping of the GPS, given the frequent bugs reported on the TOP GAMMA X7.

For this reason, in the coming days we will publish a video test in which we will show the GPS reception and navigation of the iOcean X7 HD. I can already anticipate that the previous problems seem to have been resolved, but I will not dwell and I refer you to the deepening of the next few days.

The iOcean X7 HD mounts a ROM, based on Android 4.2.2, with a customized interface. We are talking about the same ROM found on the Zopo ZP998 octacore.

VIDEO: iOcean X7 HD unboxing and first impressions


The touch is very responsive and fluid, probably thanks to the HD resolution of the display which, as already pointed out for the iNew 3, does not go to "weigh down" the quad-core chipset, as it did with FULLHD displays.

I remind you that you can buy iOcean products directly from Italy and with warranty and assistance 24 Italian months on, official dealer for Italy of the house. On the aforementioned website, an exclusive discount for you readers is available on all smartphones, which can be used with the GIZIOCEANIT discount code.

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